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clause,” which gives National Guard and Reserve members the right to terminate leases in the event they are deployed to Federal active duty for more than 180 days. The service member must provide the landlord a copy of their military orders and notice that the lease will be broken due to his or her military activation. The service member will owe rent for the rest of the month in which notice is given, as well as the next month. Further, unless by court order, a land- lord is not permitted to evict an active- duty service member unless his or her rent exceeds $3,451.20 per month (for 2016). The service member must show that his or her ability to pay was diminished due to service. Debt and Loans While on Active Duty, PFC Brown will experience a large drop in income from her civilian employer. She incurred credit card debt while in college. She is worried that the reduction in income will cause her to fall behind on some of her credit card debt.What are her options? One of the most popular provisions of the SCRA is Section 527, which allows ser- vice members to reduce the interest rate on loans to six percent for military members on active duty. The loan must have been incurred before the entry of active duty service. Any interest above six percent is forgiven and not deferred. This provision applies to several types of loans, including home mortgages, business loans, and debts held jointly with spouses. To obtain the six percent interest rate, the service member must notify the creditor in writing and include a copy of their military orders no later than 180 days after the qualifying service period. Civil Court Proceedings PFC Brown was recently sued for past-due medical bills. Her answer to the lawsuit is due in 30 days, but she will be deployed to Iraq next week. She is worried about a default judgment being entered against her. What are her options? Section 522 of the SCRA permits a

military member to have any type of civil court action stayed if the legitimate obliga- tions of military service make it difficult to participate. The SCRA requires the court to stay the proceedings for ninety days or longer if appropriate. The service members request for a stay does not constitute an appearance invoking jurisdiction, and it does not waive defenses. The SCRA also affords protection if a military member is unable to respond to a lawsuit and default judgment has been entered as a result. Section 521 of the SCRA requires that someone seeking a default judgment must file an affidavit, demonstrating that the defendant is not on active duty. If the party seeking the default judgment fails to attach the affidavit, a military member can ask the court to vacate the default judgment. Employment Rights PFC Brown has a well-paying civilian job. Because she was deployed for over a year, she is afraid that the job will not be available once she returns. Is her job protected? The Uniformed Services Employ- ment and Reemployment Rights Act (“USERRA”) controls. USERRA encour- ages service in the National Guard and Reserves by minimizing disruption in the service member’s civilian employment due to military service. If certain criteria are met, USERRA provides that military members have a right to return to their civilian employment as if they never left. The service member must provide advanced notice of the military duty for USERRA to apply. The notice should be in writing and advise the employer of the anticipated date of return. The service member must report back to work at the beginning of the first full regularly sched- uled work period following return and a time to readjust. USERRA further prohibits employ- ers from considering National Guard or Reserve membership when making decisions such as hiring, promotion, and reemployment when returning from mili- tary service.

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