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September/October 2023

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PRO BONO WEEK 2023 Getting Personal with Pro Bono

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Editor’s Briefcase On Getting Personal with Pro Bono by Justice Michael B. Hyman

September/October 2023 • Volume 37, Number 5



Getting Personal with Pro Bono: Stories from 3 Attorneys & Their Clients Jennifer Weed, Stacia Frens and Chanda Rice


President’s Page How I Get Personal with Pro Bono by Ray J. Koenig III


Helping Immigrants Arriving in Chicago By Stephanie Spiro and Amina Najib


CBA News


CBA 150th Anniversary Celebration: The Early Years, 1899-1924 By Kathryn C. Liss

14 Chicago Bar

Foundation Report

18 The Pulse


38 LPMT Bits & Bytes


Pro Bono Opportunities are a Two-Way Street By Martin D. Gould

What Do Your Devices Say About You? by Anne Haag


Get Involved in Your Community, Not Just the Legal Community By Jake Berger

39 History Will Judge

Uncoupling the Diversity Train by Nina Fain

40 Summary Judgments Suspect by Scott Turow

Reviewed by Daniel Cotter

42 Practical Ethics

Office Sharing Arrangements: New ABA Opinion by Trisha Rich

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EDITOR’S BRIEFCASE BY JUSTICE MICHAEL B. HYMAN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF On Getting Personal with Pro Bono A long time ago, a wise teacher asked his disciples, “Jewels are strewn everywhere. Why are none of you collecting them?” The disciples looked at him in amaze ment and ran off to search. A few days later, the disciples returned to sit with their teacher. “We looked and looked,” they said. “But we found no jewels. Please, we want to know where these jewels can be seen.” Now the teacher looked at his disciples in amazement. “Service,” roared the teacher. “Service.” Like the wise teacher’s directive in the Sufi parable, this year’s CBA/CBF Pro Bono Week theme, “Getting Personal with Pro Bono,” beckons us to look around and find jewels—in our case, serving the under-represented segments of society, people who need but cannot access or afford legal representation. And as the disciples discovered, pro bono service comes when motivated from within, not because it is noble, not because it is an obligation, but because that quiet voice inside calls out, “Service. Service.” Mahatma Gandhi, an attorney, expressed a similar perspective: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” And so, too, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor: “[P]ublic service marks the difference between a business and a profession. While a business can afford to focus solely on profits, a profession cannot. It must devote itself first to the community it is responsible to serve.” Opportunities abound under the pro bono banner if only we seek them out. Among them are collaborating with legal aid and advocacy organizations, volunteering at a legal clinic, taking a pro bono case from a bar association or a court referral program, or align ing your legal abilities with a not-for-profit that tugs at your interests. Lawyers can derive more value from pro bono service by making sure it’s personal. Here are some suggestions to guide you: • Approach pro bono service as a career-long commitment for personal growth and fresh experiences and challenges, devoting at least 50 hours a year (which amounts to a paltry four or so hours a month) and, hopefully, far more; • Develop affiliations with organizations in the pro bono community focusing on areas of the law that resonate with your preferences and passions; • Build rapport with clients by getting to know them and interacting directly, which can improve understanding of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints and increase empathy; • Foster connections with other lawyers who are doing pro bono to create new friend ships, share experiences and lessons learned, and network; and • Reflect regularly on your pro bono work to ensure it still is a good fit, corresponds with your strengths and schedule, and uses your unique talents. When something is personal, it is more meaningful, more relevant. When pro bono is personal, it injects a deep sense of self-discovery, self-satisfaction, and purpose; a feeling of involvement in a greater good benefiting society as a whole; and a measure of connect edness not only with someone’s life at a challenging time but also with the world beyond the bubble of daily existence.


Justice Michael B. Hyman Illinois Appellate Court ASSOCIATE EDITOR Anne Ellis

SUMMARY JUDGMENTS EDITOR Daniel A. Cotter Howard and Howard Attorneys PLLC YLS JOURNAL EDITORS Jacob B. Berger Tabet DiVito & Rothstein LLC Nikki Marcotte Tabet DiVito & Rothstein LLC Carolyn Amadon Samuel, Son & Co. Daniel J. Berkowitz Aronberg Goldgehn Amy Cook Amy Cook Law LLC Nina Fain Janet Sugerman Schirn Family Trust Anthony F. Fata Kirby McInerney LLP Clifford Gately Quarles & Brady Judge Jasmine Villaflor Hernandez Circuit Court of Cook County Kaitlin King Hart David Carson LLP Theodore Kontopoulos Internal Revenue Service Lynn Semptimphelter Kopon Kopon LLC John Levin Kathryn C. Liss DePaul University College of Law Bonnie McGrath Law Office of Bonnie McGrath Clare McMahon Clifford Law Offices Kathleen Dillon Narko Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Alexander Passo Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC Adam J. Sheppard Sheppard Law Firm, PC Richard Lee Stavins Robbins DiMonte, Ltd. Rosemary Simota Thompson Hoffenberg & Block LLC Pamela Sakowicz Menaker

Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. Circuit Court of Cook County

THE CHICAGO BAR ASSOCIATION Sharon Nolan Director of Marketing

4 September/October 2023

In addition, pro bono can enhance your resume and elevate your professional skills, anything from communication and leadership to problem-solving and teamwork. And it has the capacity to boost self-confidence, especially when the matter concludes success fully. Plus, research shows that engaging in altruistic activities can ease stress and improve mental well-being. Thus, helping others can induce a grateful outlook on life, promoting happiness and contentment. So, what are you waiting for? Get personal with pro bono. Rehearing “Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame, but for greatness, because greatness is determined by service.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Oprah Winfrey’s favorite quote).

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Did You Know? The CBA worked tirelessly for the passage of the Judicial Article of 1964, which established a unified court system, with judges reelected on their records without party labels; a Supreme Court with three justices from Cook County and four from downstate; an Appellate Court; and the creation of the Illinois Courts Commission. It was approved by 57% of voters.


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PRESIDENT’S PAGE BY RAY J. KOENIG III How I Get Personal with Pro Bono

The Chicago Bar Association

President Ray J. Koenig III

First Vice President John C. Sciaccotta

place, people were more likely to get all of the services they need, and to stay in care. One of TLC’s core functions is to offer direct legal services to transgender and gender expansive people. Primary prac tice areas are legal name changes, criminal records sealing and expungement, appeals for public benefits, employment matters, and housing and public accommodations discrimination. However, TLC needs our help: TLC’s only full-time staff are a legal director/staff attorney and a paralegal. Transgender and gender expansive people face financial barriers and dis crimination when accessing legal aid. In the last national survey conducted by the National Center for Trans Equality, 28% of respondents stated they experienced some form of discrimination when using legal services. Because of the discrimina tion-to-poverty pipeline, the trans com munity faces disproportionately high rates of poverty, making pro bono legal services essential to the community. All clients deserve to have culturally competent services. For example, dealing with an unemployment appeal is stressful enough without worrying if the attorney knows how to navigate official documents if the client uses a name different than the one on their documents. Here are some examples of the excel lent legal work performed by TLC: l As of 2019, Illinois Medicaid covers medically necessary gender-affirming care. However, some plans still reject pre-approval requests for gender affirming surgeries. Clients know their rights, so it can be a shock to receive a coverage rejection for this care; some have expressed suicidal ideation if they

Second Vice President Kathryn C. Liss

Secretary Trisha Rich Treasurer Nina Fain

Immediate Past President Timothy S. Tomasik

Executive Director Beth McMeen

T he theme of this month’s Record, “Getting Personal with Pro Bono,” reminds me of the pro bono services I’ve provided or coordinated over the years, beginning with service to LGBTQ+ clients at what is now known as The Center on Halsted. I’m also reminded that, like many lawyers, I do not do enough to directly provide or support pro bono legal services. The reality is that many, many organiza tions in the Chicago area greatly need our pro bono help for their clients. I’d like to share more about one such organization that inspires me – and hopefully you – to make time for more pro bono work. As a Trustee and Board Chair of Chi cago House and Social Services Agency for a decade, I became intimately familiar with the TransLife Care program, which provides healthcare and social services to individuals who identify as trans, non binary, or gender expansive. TLC offers drop-in clinics on Chicago’s north, west and south sides where community mem bers can receive a plethora of support ser vices. TLC was created with the idea that if multiple services were offered in one

BOARD OF MANAGERS Louis G. Apostol Tracy Brammeier Margaret Mendenhall Casey Naderh Elrabadi Anthony F. Fata Josie Gough Cynthia S. Grandfield Brian Haussmann Justice Margaret Stanton McBride Peter McNamara John Mitchell Jeffrey Moskowitz Judge Mary Rowland

Eirene N. Salvi Brendon Stark Kevin Thompson

Judge Allen P. Walker Matthew P. Walsh II

6 September/October 2023

cannot receive the care they need. TLC has successfully represented five indi viduals in appealing erroneous denials. l Client LS wanted to change the gender marker on her out-of-state birth cer tificate. She went to her local Illinois courthouse asking for help and was told she needed to obtain an order from a judge. She was handed a blank order and no other information or resources. She reached out to TLC asking how to navigate the court pro cess. After looking at the law in the state she was born in, TLC determined a judge’s order wasn’t necessary. TLC emailed her the forms from that state’s Vital Records division and some clari fying instructions. She was able to suc

cessfully file the paperwork and receive a new birth certificate.

or pro bono services to TLC, please contact Legal Director and Staff Attorney Elizabeth Ricks at Many other organizations throughout the Chicago area are also so very deserv ing of your pro bono services. You can learn more about other opportunities to get involved through The Chicago Bar Foundation at pro-bono-resources. I very much hope you’re inspired to give more in the form of pro bono legal services. The need is real and is not being fully met by our community. Please be that attorney who uses their considerable power to change the lives of others for the better.

l Since 2018, TLC has provided ser vices (anything from legal informa tion/know-your-rights information to full representation) to more than 650 people, and its clients have received over $250,000 in settlements. TLC’s clients are most in need of the following services, all of which I am cer tain members across the CBA can pro vide: (1) estate planning, such as powers of attorney, HIPAA releases, and wills; (2) criminal defense; and (3) family law. TLC would also be happy to receive donations to support its programs. If you or your firm would like to provide a donation

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YLS Wins 3 Awards from the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division By Ann Glynn, CBA Public Affairs Director

recognized for the Diversity Week pro gram they hosted in April, which was a series of events aimed at exploring the ways diversity impacts the legal profession and provides lawyers and law firms with tools to make the field more diverse. The @theBar Blog was honored in the Newsletter category. Recognized for pro moting the goals and objectives of the YLS, the CBA’s @theBar Blog promotes the YLS’s dedication to professional develop ment, ethical practice, service to the pro fession, and the well-being of members. The YLS also earned a Comprehensive award recognizing its broad range of pro gramming in the 2022-2023 bar year, as determined from a comprehensive evalua tion of all programs. The ABA YLD has recognized numer ous YLS programs in years past, includ ing the Law Student Mentoring Program, the CBA Law & Debate Club, the Work ing Women’s Legal Summit, the Lawyers Lend a Hand to Youth program, the CBA @theBar Podcast, the Law Committee’s Times Up on Workplace Harassment program, a four-week course on repre senting Spanish speaking clients, and the YLS Racial Justice Commission’s public presentation “Preparing for Protest.” The YLS strives to provide meaning ful opportunities for professional growth, community service, and networking to its approximately 7,000 members, who include attorneys in their first 10 years of practice and law students. The YLS offers 25 committees, including substantive practice areas and public service offerings, implements member and public service projects, and hosts numerous seminars and networking events. For further information, contact the Young Lawyers Section at 312‐554‐2070 or yls@

YLS First Vice Chair Kenneth Matuszewski, Goldberg Segalla, and Project Officer Aleksan dra Petrovic, Damisch & Damisch, in Denver at the ABA Annual Meeting, where the CBA YLS was recognized with awards for Diversity, Newsletter, and Comprehensive programming.

T he Young Lawyers Section recently received three awards from the American Bar Association at their Annual Meeting in Denver. The ABA’s Young Lawyers Division presents annual Awards of Achievement to recognize local, state, and national YLD affiliates

across the country for their contributions to the public and the betterment of the legal profession. The YLS earned 2023 ABA Awards of Achievement in catego ries for Diversity, Newsletter, and Com prehensive. In the Diversity category, the YLS was

8 September/October 2023


Judicial Evaluation Committee Seeks Investigators By Ann Glynn, CBA Public Affairs Director T he CBA’s Judicial Evaluation Com mittee is looking for members to serve in its Investigation Division.

Chicago. The comprehensive and diverse peer review process conducted by JEC investigators is critical to its mission of improving the Cook County Judiciary. The JEC is looking for savvy, driven, and inquisitive CBA Members to join in this mission to help research and investi gate judicial candidates and develop the CBA’s judicial recommendations. Being an investigator provides opportunities to learn about many different areas of the law and to expand personal and profes sional networks. All investigative work can be done over the phone or by email. “After serving on the JEC committee for over 10 years in various capacities, the

experience has been both rewarding and very interesting,” said Michelle Carey, Chair of the JEC. “It gives members the unique opportunity to make connections with our peers and our judiciary and to learn about all areas of law. Our work is very important to those who litigate in Cook County, and we look forward to welcoming new investigators to assist us with our investigations.” CBA Members with at least two years of practice experience are encouraged to apply. Applications are available for download at or send your questions to JEC Coordinator Angie Cruz at

The JEC is the CBA’s semi-autono mous committee that conducts evalua tions of candidates for judicial offices and sitting judges seeking retention within Cook County. As a public service, the CBA reports the findings of the JEC for all elections. The evaluations are designed to inform the public and the courts of the qualifications, independence, and integ rity of judicial candidates. The JEC’s work is an important part of the CBA’s legacy of improving the effec tiveness of the administration of justice in

Interested in learning more about Illinois’s judicial process? Watch the on demand version of “The Making of a Judge: How Candidates are Evaluated and How You Can Assist by Serving as a JEC Investigator” at (1 IL MCLE Credit). This seminar explains the process of becoming a JEC investigator, the time commitments involved, and the numerous benefits of participating in the JEC.

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10 September/October 2023





CLE & MEMBER NEWS It could be if your membership dues have not yet been paid. In accordance with the Association’s By-Laws, cancellation notices were sent to all members who did not submit dues by August 31, 2023. If you received a cancellation notice, we want you back! Please take a moment to renew now at, call 312-554-2020, or mail your dues payment to the CBA at 321 S Plym outh Ct, Chicago IL 60604. Dues installment plan, $50 reduced dues, and $75 retired rates are available. Email membership@chicagobar. org for details. Fall is almost here, and the CBA is back in full swing, offering you resources to enhance your practice and ways to reconnect with colleagues, legal experts, and old friends. We are excited to resume Is This Your Last Issue? Over the summer, all members are asked to review/change their committee assignments for the new bar year via the online commit tee sign up form at All committee members will remain on their current assignments unless they make changes to their committee record. We invite members who are not currently serving on committees to get active this year. A complete description of all CBA and YLS committees, along with their meeting dates and new leadership information, is available at Most committee meetings qualify for free Illinois MCLE credit. The amount of credit depends on the length of the presentation (average credit is 0.75 hours). Most committee meetings are webcast live so you can earn free credit without leaving your office or home (only live webcasts count for credit, not archived meetings). Plus, CBA members can Have You Updated Your CBA and YLS Practice Area Committees Lately?

in-person events and will also continue our convenient virtual edu cational programming, giving you access to seminars, committee meetings, and legal resources anytime from anywhere. Whether you are looking for updates on court and legal developments, tips on practicing post-pandemic, new trends in the legal profession, business referrals, speaking opportunities, young lawyer training and mentoring, or supporting social justice initiatives, the CBA has you covered. Your membership also supports the CBA’s important missions in serving the bench, the bar, and the public. To the many members who have already renewed: Thank you! We look forward to serving you in the coming bar year. attend committee meetings for free (a great way to earn MCLE credits at no cost)! Confirmation of committee assignments and 2023-24 meeting date schedules will be emailed to all committee members in mid-August. Most committees will begin meeting again in September. Call or email CBA Committee Coordinator Awilda Reyes at 312-554-2134, with any questions. (Note: Members listed on committee rosters will receive direct emails regarding committee meetings, speakers, hand out materials, legislation, etc. However, you do not have to be listed on the committee roster to attend its meetings. Any member may attend any committee meeting.) Check the weekly CBA e-Bulletin which is emailed to all members every Thursday or visit for a current list of meetings.

Learn, Connect, and Grow Through CBA and YLS Practice Area Committees

CBA and YLS committees are now back in session, meeting during the noon hour. Over 40 new presentations are offered every month with free Illinois MCLE credit. Virtual, in-person, and hybrid meeting options are available. Committee speakers, topics, and MCLE credit availability are highlighted in the weekly CBA eBulletin, which is

emailed to all members every Thursday. Members may attend any meeting, but to receive special notices from committees in your practice area, sign up at Com mittee meeting registration information can be found at learn.

Enhance Your Resume, Expand Your Professional Contacts, Make New Friends!

By getting more involved in the CBA, you can raise your profile in Chicago’s legal community and meet lawyers whose paths you may have never crossed. Even a small commitment can reap big rewards. Here are just a few examples of speaking, networking, leadership, and other opportunities available through your CBA membership: • Speak at a seminar, committee meeting or community event. • Write an article for the CBA Record or @theBar Blog. • Help produce an episode of @theBar Podcast or the CBA’s legal cable TV series.

• Become a legislative liaison. • Evaluate judges through the CBA’s Judicial Evaluation Committee. • Volunteer for a pro bono project. • Help at a YLS community outreach project. • Join the Racial Justice Coalition. For more information on these opportunities or to learn how to become more involved in the CBA, email


Thank You CBA Committee Chairs!

Administrative Law Yolanda H. Sayre , IL State Police Randi A. Holzman , City of Chicago of Administrative Hearing Department Adoption Law Shelley B. Ballard , Shelley B. Ballard PC Alliance for Women Chandler R. Caswell , Barnes & Thornburg Chidinma O. Ahukanna , Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa Alternative Dispute Resolution Hon. Thomas R. Mulroy (ret.), Resolute Systems Ashley Rafael , Midway Moving & Storage Inc Svetlana Gitman , American Arbitration Association Animal Law Tracy McGonigle , Tracy McGonigle, Esq. Anti-Human Trafficking Naderh H. Elrabadi , Elrabadi Law Antitrust Law Kevin Goldstein , Winston & Strawn LLP Aviation Law Patrick Clyder , McGuireWoods LLP Marnie A. Holz , KMA Zuckert LLC Bankruptcy and Reorganization Mark L. Radtke , Foley & Lardner LLP Business Divorce and Complex Ownership Disputes John C. Sciaccotta, Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa Jerry Holisky , Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa Business Transactions David A. Johnson, Jr. Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa Cannabis Law and Regulations Nina Fain , JS Schirn Family Trust Latasha R. Thomas , Clark Hill CBA Chorus Sean M. Hoffman , City of Chicago Department of Law Allyn J. Wilcox CBA Creative Writing Josette Belvedere , Law Offices of Josette Belvedere

CBA Record Editorial Board Hon. Michael B. Hyman , Illinois Appellate Court Anne Ellis , Attorney at Law Child Law Helene M. Snyder , Attorney at Law Civics John C. Sciaccotta , Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa Civil Practice Nicole L. Castillo , Neal & Leroy LLC Megan S. Webster, Mayer Brown LLP Civil Trial Practice John F. Kennedy , Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP Lance D. Northcutt , Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard Class Action Clinton A. Krislov , Krislov & Associates Daniel R. Campbell , McDermott Will & Emery Commercial Finance and Transactions Max Novak , McGuireWoods LLP Commercial Litigation David J. Scriven-Young , Peckar & Abramson Garrett A. DeVoe , Seyfarth Shaw LLP Commercial Real Property Law Penelope P. Campbell , Honigman LLP Larry N. Woodard , Honigman LLP Consumer Credit James J. Morrissey , Pilgrim Christakis LLP Katherine Haennicke , TMX Finance Family of Companies Consumer Law Mia K. Segal , Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit Continuing Legal Education Trisha Rich , Holland & Knight LLP Criminal Law Francis B. Baumgart , Francis Baumgart & Associates Thomas Eric Ost , Attorney at Law

DICE Hon. Michael B. Hyman, Illinois Appellate Court Nina Fain , JS Schirn Family Trust Domestic Relations Andrea Lum , Newman & Lum PC Mervate M. Mohammad , Kiswani Law PC Elder & Disability Law Emily A. Kaitis , Law Office of Kathleen Meersman Murphy Election Law Ross D. Secler, Odelson, Murphey, Frazier, & McGrath, Ltd Energy, Telecommunications and Water Kristin C. Munsch , Commonwealth Edison Company Entertainment (The Bar Show) Carissa J. Meyer , Orleans Canty Novy LLC Environmental Law Robert W. Petti , Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy Federal Civil Practice Martin R. Martos II , Fox Rothschild LLP Federal Taxation Richard Bennett , Handler Thayer, LLP Tessa Stark, Private Bank, Bank of America Finance Nina Fain , JS Schirn Family Trust Financial and Emerging Technologies Lina R. Powell , Jenner & Block LLP Financial Institutions Michael L. Schasane , Illinois Bankers Association Food and Beverage Law Jennifer R. Niesen , Christopoulos Law Group LLC Futures and Derivatives Law William B. Costello , Bakkt, LLC Conor D. Weber , CME Group Gaming Law Committee Donna Beth More , Fox Rothschild LLP Wade A. Thomson , Jenner & Block LLP

Cyber Law and Data Privacy Justyna Regan , Miller Canfield

12 September/October 2023

Health Law Carly Ann Helman , Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP Human Rights Barbara A. Susman , Susman & Associates Michele H. Thorne Mary K. Neal , Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission Immigration and Nationality Law Margaret M. O’Donoghue , Law Office of Robert Ahlgren and Associates In-Court Lawyer Referral Steven R. Decker , Law Offices of Steven R. Decker Insurance Law Thomas K. Hanekamp , Aronberg Goldgehn Daniel A. Cotter , Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC Intellectual Property Law Brett A. Manchel , Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson LLP Manon L. Burns , Amin Talati Wasserman International and Foreign Law Sara Adela Arami , PWC Judicial Evaluation Appellate Review Michael J. Baumel , Old Republic International Edward J. Austin , Edward J. Austin PC Judicial Evaluation Michelle L. Carey , ServPro Judicial Evaluation Hearing Division Harold L. Wallin , Law Offices of Harold L. Wallin Judicial Evaluation Investigative Division Ron Austin, Jr. , Grant Law LLC Labor and Employment Law Ashley Stead McGann , Ketterman & Rioux Law and Literature Royal F. Berg , Attorney at Law Robert T. Kuehl , Kuehl Law PC Robert F. Brunn , Attorney at Law Law Practice Management & Technology Kevin Andrew Thompson , Levin Ginsburg

Lawyer Referral Service Regina P. Etherton , Regina P. Etherton & Associates, LLC Legal Aid Dennericka Brooks , Legal Aid Chicago Legislative Noah John Graf , Attorney at Law LGBTQA+ Brendan J. Witry , Conway & Mrowiec Attorneys LLLP Justin I. Sia, Miner, Barnhill & Galland P.C. Local Government Caitlyn R. Culbertson , Elrod Friedman LLP Daniel W. Bourgault , Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins, Ltd. Media & Entertainment Law Rolando Curington , Curington Law, LLC Media Production Aasim Cunningham , Cunningham Lopez LLP Membership John C. Sciaccotta , Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa Mental Health and Disability Law Melissa Lynn Ludington , Monahan Law Group LLC Municipal and Law Hon. Joseph D. Panarese , Circuit Court of Cook County Hon. James M. McGing (ret.), Miller McGing Law Past Presidents David C. Hilliard, Pattishall McAuliffe Newbury Hilliard & Geraldson Probate Practice Christine A. Barone , Chuhak & Tecson P.C. Professional Fees Donald R. Rawlins , Attorney at Law Professional Responsibility Jefferey O. Katz , Loftus & Eisenberg Ltd. Amir R. Tahmassebi , Konicek & Dillon PC Public Affairs Robert D. Kreisman , Kreisman Law Offices

Real Estate Law Taxation Lauren C. Elliott , Elliott & Associates Attorneys P.C. Regulatory & Compliance Judith S. Sherwin , Aronberg, Goldgehn, Davis & Garmisa Residential Real Property Law Justin Strane , Front Door Legal LLC Securities Law Peter G. Wilson , Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP Social Security Law Laura M. Myers , Myers Disability Law Solo/Small Firm Practitioners John C. Ellis , Ellis Legal PC Mathew Kerbis , Subscription Attorney LLC Sports Law Benjamin M. Shrader, Publicis Re-sources State and Local Tax Karissa C. Snouffer , Ernst & Young Symphony Orchestra Katherine A. Marshall , BMO Harris Bank NA Kenneth A. Matuszewski , Goldberg Segalla Tort Litigation Jack A. Gould , Swanson Martin & Bell LLP Trust Law Maximillienne Elliott , Law Offices Of Max Elliott Unauthorized Practice & Multidisciplinary Practice Scott A. Kozlov , Cook County Clerk’s Office Well-Being & Mindfulness Alan R. Rhine , Attorney at Law Robert T. Kuehl , Kuehl Law PC Deidre M. Dyer , Cook County Circuit Court Workers’ Compensation Kelly M. Wiggins , Nyhan, Bambrick, Kinzie & Lowry, P.C.

Join today at Committee descriptions, meeting dates and topics, and chair contact information available at Questions? Email

Information current as of August 15, 2023.


Chicago Bar Foundation Report

Left to right: CBA President Ray Koenig, Clark Hill PLC; Jordan Heinz, Abbott; Steven Blonder, Much Shelist, P.C.; Carina Segalini, Circuit Court of Cook County; Andy Froelich, James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy; Whitney Siehl, Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP; Susan Curry, the University of Chicago Law School; Julie Elena Brown, Impact for Equity; Melvin Flowers, Accenture LLP; Donna Welch, Kirkland & Ellis LLP; Incoming CBF Board President Kenya Jenkins-Wright, Illinois Guardianship & Advocacy Commission; and CBF President Greg Boyle, Jenner & Block LLP. Celebrating Unsung Heroes and Marking a Big Anniversary By Emme Veenbaas and Quinn Turilli

N early 600 people came together to honor seven inspiring lawyers and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the CBA/ CBF Pro Bono & Public Service Awards Luncheon. These dedicated but often unsung honorees highlight the impressive pro bono and public service work Chicago’s legal community continues to do throughout the year to improve access to justice for people in need and make our legal system fairer and better for everyone. This year’s luncheon marked the event’s 25th anniver sary. Since its inception in 1999, the CBA and CBF have recognized more than 150 outstanding lawyers for their dedication to pro bono and public service. The seven hon orees from this year and all those preceding them remind us that wherever we are in the legal community, we can all play a role in supporting the most vulnerable members of our community. Below is more information on this year’s honorees as well

as the impressive list of past recipients for each award since the event’s inception. More information on the luncheon and awards is available at

Kimball R. Anderson and Karen Gatsis Anderson Public Interest Fellowship

Throughout and following his education at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Andy Froelich has dedicated his legal career to education and child law in underserved communities of the Chicago area. As an Equal Justice Works Fellow, he now leads the expansion of the James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy’s Educational Advocacy Program from its origins in the suburb of Evanston to Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, providing free special edu cation and school discipline legal services to low-income families in these communities.

14 September/October 2023

Justice Thomas L. Kilbride Public Service Award

Kimball R. Anderson and Karen Gatsis Anderson Public Interest Law Fellowship

Throughout her career, Carina Segalini has demonstrated her dedication to making the court system fair and acces sible for all. She started at the Circuit Court in 2009 and helped develop, refine, and manage the Circuit Court’s ground breaking Mortgage Foreclosure Media tion Program, which provided thousands of homeowners with access to free hous ing counseling, legal services, and media tion to help them reach fair resolutions to their foreclosure cases and remain stably housed whenever possible. In 2019, she became Court Administra tor and Program Manager for the Circuit Court of Cook County, where she has been at the forefront of the Early Resolution Program, an innovative project addressing eviction, housing, and debt issues. As one of the judges she regularly works with in the Court’s Chancery Division aptly put it, Segalini works to “increase access to justice and procedural fairness while never draw ing attention to herself.” Susan Curry has been staunchly committed to public service throughout her legal career, including in her current role as Senior Director of Public Services and Pro Bono at the University of Chicago Law School. Some of her many notable accomplish ments in this position include launching a formal Pro Bono Program to encourage students to get involved in pro bono work, installing a postgraduate fellowship program for students pursuing public interest careers, and developing a Public Service Interview Program that invites public service employ ers to interview law students for postgradu ate positions. As a result of the Pro Bono Program, each graduating class now per forms over 15,000 hours of pro bono work during their time in law school. Leonard Jay Schrager Award of Excellence

2023 Andy Froelich 2022 Nicole Smith 2021 Alyssa Phillips 2020 Martin Cozzola 2019 Sue Pak 2018 Lydia J. Sharp 2017 Sarah Hess 2016 Amanda Walsh 2015 Candace Moore

2012 Susan Lepeau Decostanza 2011 Todd L. Belcore 2010 Beth Cunningham Malik 2009 Teri L. Ross 2008 Dennericka Brooks 2007 Miguel C. Keberlein Gutierrez 2006 Sarah E. Biehl 2005 Michael G. Bergmann 2004 Sherizaan Minwalla 2003 Elizabeth Berrones-Rotchford

2014 Catherine Longkumer 2013 Daniel M. Hochbaum

Justice Thomas L. Kilbride Public Service Award 2023 Carina Segalini 2022 Hon. Catherine Schneider

2021 Hon. Maxwell Griffin, Jr.

Richard J. Phelan Public Service Award (predecessor to Kilbride Award) 2020 Marcia M. Meis

2011 Kendall Hill 2010 Daniel A. Kirk 2009 Julie G. Sollinger 2008 Sergio E. Acosta 2007 James L. Dunn 2006 Ann M. Spillane 2005 D. Jean Ortega-Piron 2004 Michael J. Morrissey

2019 Hon. Cheryl A. Starks 2018 Mercedes Luque-Rosales 2017 Sheri Mecklenburg 2016 Deborah Hagan 2015 Leslie Landis 2014 Michael J. Pelletier

2013 Carol A. Casey 2012 Laurel Spahn

Leonard Jay Schrager Award of Excellence 2023 Susan Curry 2022 Jennifer Rosato Perea

2011 Stacey E. Platt 2010 Joseph Butler

2021 Colleen Boraca 2020 Laurie Mikva 2019 Maureen Kieffer 2018 Harold J. Krent 2017 Howard M. Rubin 2016 Shaye L. Loughlin 2015 Mary Bird 2014 Michael P. Seng 2013 Leonard Rubinowitz

2009 Randolph N. Stone 2008 Marguerite Angelari 2007 Ralph Ruebner 2006 Leonard L. Cavise 2005 Henry Rose 2004 Douglass Cassel 2003 Tom Geraghty Diane Geraghty 2002 Ronald W. Staudt

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Edward J. Lewis II Pro Bono Service Award

Edward J. Lewis II Pro Bono Service Award 2023 Steven Blonder 2022 Shelisa M. Thomas

Steven Blonder has been dedicated to pro bono and community service work since his graduation from the University of Chicago Law School, using his expertise to consistently take on challenging pro bono cases for some of Chicago’s most vulnerable community members. As a Principal and Management Com mittee Member at Much Shelist P.C., Blonder leads the firm’s social responsi bility initiative, Much Community, and encourages his colleagues to support nonprofit groups, dedicate time to pro bono work, and volunteer for important causes outside of the office. During his legal career, he has advocated for survi vors of sexual abuse, victims of housing discrimination, people with disabilities, immigrants, and many others. As one of his colleagues described, “Steve stands tall as an advocate for the voiceless.” Whitney Siehl is a litigator at Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, LLP, where she handles class action lawsuits with a particu lar focus on sexual assault and harassment. She has already participated in multi ple groundbreaking cases and is a leader in the organized bar and in her community. Notably, she has represented survivors in the high-profile sexual abuse and harass ment lawsuits against Harvey Weinstein and USC gynecologist Dr. Tyndall, secur ing sizable settlements for her clients in both. Though still early in her career, she has made strides in highlighting sexual misconduct and gender discrimination as important issues in our profession and justice system while inspiring countless others to get involved in this work. Maurice Weigle Exceptional Young Lawyer Award

2009 Steven B. Bashaw 2008 Robert E. Deignan 2007 Ellen E. Douglass 2006 Harold C. Hirshman 2005 David P. Berten 2004 Richard F. Johnson 2003 Roger Pascal 2002 Howard Rosenblum 2001 Daniel R. Sanders Lawrence C. Marshall Alan L. Goldman 2000 Rosa Maria Macneil

2021 Andrew W. Vail 2020 Ken Schmetterer 2019 Steven F. Pflaum 2018 Linda T. Coberly 2017 Kathleen Robson Gordon Salvador J. Lopez 2016 Lawrence A. Wojcik 2015 Gabriel A. Fuentes 2014 Jill M. Metz 2013 Colby Anne Kingsbury 2012 John Grossbart Stephen D. Libowsky Donna M. Welch 2011 Erin McCloskey Maus 2010 Frederick H. Cohen

Professor Ralph Ruebner Professor Mark Wojcik Lisa Carroll

1999 Royal F. Berg

Maurice Weigle Exceptional Young Lawyer Award* 2023 Whitney Siehl 2022 Patrick Yingling 2021 Sarah Grady 2020 Yasamin N. Kaye 2019 David Pi 2011 Jordan M. Heinz 2010 Todd A. Solomon 2009 Andrew W. Vail 2008 Grace Y. Poe

2007Justin Lee Heather 2006 Steven V. Hunter 2005 Steven A. Block 2004 Catherine M. Burkhardt 2003 Andrew Worseck 2002 Christine Farrell 2001 Melissa Rabel 2000 Jayme Levin-Muriel

2018 Anna M. Lozoya 2017 Trisha M. Rich 2016 Andrew F. Merrick 2015 Shauna R. Prewitt 2014 Brian K. Jones 2013 James R. Irving 2012 Elizabeth P. Lewis

*The Weigle Award began in 1968. This list reflects the honorees at this luncheon. A full list of past honorees can be found on the CBF website.

Exelon Outstanding Corporate Counsel Award 2023 Melvin Flowers 2022 Chantal Kazay 2021 Theresa Duckett 2020 Jane Mansell 2019 Sherene Awad Jodrey

2011 Sandra J. Wall 2010 Mary Anne Smith 2009 Kal Gibron 2008 Minauti Mehta 2007 Randall S. Rapp 2006 Laura L. Hois

Exelon Outstanding Corporate Counsel Award

2018 Dolores Ayala 2017 Gary Wachtel 2016 Eric Carlson 2015 Claire Battle 2014 Mary Jo Quinn 2013 Angela B. Frye 2012 Steven S. Fus

2005 Daniel A. Cotter 2004 Steven M. Cook 2003 Sujata Dayal and Tejal Vakharia 2002 Pauline Levy 2001 Mary Ann O’Connor 2000 Daniel J. Harper

Melvin Flowers has been a dedicated leader and advocate for pro bono work throughout his legal career across varied cases and communities. Currently Accen ture’s Global Legal Lead for Strategic Ini tiatives as part of the Global Data Privacy

16 September/October 2023

Legal Team, he has also co-developed and directed the company’s Midwest Market Unit pro bono program for many years. Flowers has directly launched the firm’s Expungement and Record sealing program and assisted in launching 10 new pro bono projects while initiating multiple partner ships with organizations across the city. His peers praise his efforts to nurture and expand the Midwestern pro bono community. As a result of his influence, more than half of Accenture’s Midwest employees now do pro bono work, and he regularly invites different law firms and legal aid groups to form partnerships, fostering collaboration and goodwill in the legal community. Thomas H. Morsch Public Service Award Julie Elena Brown’s nearly 40-year legal career has focused on the pursuit of environ mental justice, racial equity, and increasing access to housing for those living in under served communities of Chicago. She has served in several leadership roles for Impact for Equity (formerly known as BPI) since 1989, engaging in passionate, groundbreaking work as she advocates for marginalized groups and neighborhoods across the city. As just one highlight, Brown has been one of the lead counsel for the plaintiff class in Gautreaux v. Chicago Housing Authority, where she has fought against systemic racial discrimination in public housing. Her selfless drive to improve the living condi tions of those she represents and her tireless, decades-long commitment to public interest work make her just the kind of unsung hero in our profession that the Morsch Award celebrates.


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Thomas H. Morsch Public Service Award 2023 Julie Elena Brown 2022 Pat Wrona

2009 Margaret Stapleton 2008 Alan A. Alop 2007 Ann Hilton Fisher 2006 Eugene C. Edwards 2005 Alan Mills 2005 Andrew J. Cohen 2004 Susan Kaplan 2003 Frances Corwin 2002 Marshall J. Hartman 2001 Margaret C. Benson 2000 William P. Wilen 1999 Edward I. Grossman 1998 Laurene M. Heybach

2021 Michelle Gilbert 2020 Wendy Pollack 2019 Lisa Parsons 2018 Patricia Nix-Hodes 2017 Daniel J. Lesser 2016 Timothy J. Hufman 2015 Phillip J. Mohr 2014 Denice Wolf Markham 2013 Thomas Yates 2012 Marta C. Bukata 2011 Richard T. Cozzola 2010 Benjamin S. Wolf

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Emme Veenbaas is the Senior Manager of Communications & Events at the CBF. Quinn Turilli was a 2023 CBF Summer Intern and is a junior at Washington University.

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tional cost (meetings are archived for on demand viewing, but archived versions do not count for IL MCLE credit). See a full list of committees and sign up at Send your ques tions about CBA committees to Awilda Reyes at; for YLS committees, contact Emily Anderson at The CBA’s Continuing Legal Educa tion Department is off to a robust start with a full calendar of new seminars this September. Visit to see what’s new and register for the pro grams of your choice. Now is also the perfect time to sign up for the Associa tion’s all-inclusive seminar plan. With the CLE-Advantage Plan, CBA members can attend most continuing legal education seminars for only $160 per plan year. Plan details can be found at learn.chicagobar. org or email Free Financial Review CBA Insurance Agency is pleased to offer CBA members a complimentary mid year financial review, courtesy of Michael Taff of Hunken Ewing Financial Group. Visit to get more information and to schedule your free review. Tutor Elementary Students Lawyers Lend-A-Hand is looking for vol unteers to tutor students from two public charter elementary schools: The Mon tessori School of Englewood and Betty Shabazz Academy in the Greater Grand Crossing community. These in-person ses sions focus on reading and writing skills. Lend-A-Hand provides the curriculum, learning materials, and training. Tutoring takes place on Tuesdays at the CBA from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. and runs through the middle of May. The students are trans ported by school bus to and from tutoring. For more information or to sign up for a training session, contact Kathryn McCabe at CBA Seminars Kick Off in September


The CBA Executive Committee met to kick off 2023-24 bar programming. Pictured from left: CBA General Counsel Howard Suskin, Jenner & Block LLP; Second Vice President Kathryn C. Liss, DePaul University College of Law; Secretary Trisha Rich, Holland & Knight LLP; CBA President Ray J. Koenig III, Clark Hill; First Vice President John C. Sciaccotta, Aronberg Goldgehn; Immediate Past President Timothy Tomasik, Tomasik Kotin Kasser man LLC; CBA Executive Director Beth McMeen; and YLS Chair Martin Gould, Romanucci & Blandin, LLC. Not Pictured: Treasurer Nina Fain, JSS Family Trust

19th Annual Pro Bono Week and Community Service Fair

Mexico2024 for more information and to register. Improve Your Negotiation, Mediation, and Advocacy Skills On October 19 and 20, the CBA is sponsoring an advanced workshop for improved negotiation, mediation, and advocacy skills that will share sophisti cated strategies for becoming a better advocate and mediator. Attendees will earn IL PR-MCLE credit. Learn more and register at or call 312-554-2052. It’s not too late to sign up for a CBA or YLS substantive law committee. Committees include everything from Adoption to Workers’ Compensation. Committees kick off their programming year in September; meetings will be in person, virtual, and hybrid. Attending live committee meetings is a convenient way to earn Illinois MCLE at no addi Expand Your Legal Network through CBA Committees

2024 Pro Bono Week activities will be held October 23-24. The week features outstanding programs including a Pro Bono and Community Service Fair with 30+ organizations that provide pro bono legal services to the public. The Fair intro duces lawyers to a wide array of pro bono opportunities available through these organizations. The week’s programming will focus on empowering people and communities to give back and will include free CLE sessions and a story slam focused on our theme, “Getting Personal with Pro Bono.” Look for more information at chi CLE in Mexico April 2024 The CBA and President Ray Koenig are planning a CBA CLE Abroad to Mexico City in March 2024. Programming will focus on comparative law topics, immi gration, and more. Special tours and social events will also be on the itinerary. Watch your inbox or visit

18 September/October 2023

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