CBA Record September-October 2022

September/October 2022 CBA

The Chicago Bar Association & The Chicago Bar Foundation’s 2022 Pro Bono Week: Empowering People,

Empowering Communities

Susan Novosad

Steve Levin

Mike Bonamarte

John Perconti

Margaret Battersby Black

Since 1992, Levin & Perconti has recovered nearly $1BILLION dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients, including multiple record-setting results.

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September/October 2022 • Volume 36, Number 5

4 Editor’s Briefcase

Empowering People, Empowering Communities by Justice Michael B. Hyman

Pro Bono Week 2022

28 Communities Partnering 4 Peace: Helping Combat Gun Violence with Pro Bono By Bridget Hatch and Elizabeth Gresk 30 Create Connection by Returning to Community Volunteerism By Caroline Manley 32 Elections in Illinois: Three Ways to Support Voting Rights By Cliff Helm

6 President’s Page

Judicial Security: The Judicial System is Blinking Red by Timothy S. Tomasik

8 CBANews 22 Chicago Bar Foundation Report 24 The Pulse 48 LPMT Bits & Bytes Fresh Tips to Get More


40 Pro Bono Work Builds Bridges to the Community By Daniel Berkowitz 42 Seize the (Pro Bono) Opportunity: 4 Reasons Why Younger Lawyers Should Serve as Appointed Litigation Counsel By Jacob B. Berger 44 Post-Dobbs Pro Bono Work: Chicagoland LGBTQ+ Advocacy Groups That Need Our Help By Nikki Marcotte

Out of Google by Ann Haag 50 Practical Ethics

EvolvingTechnological Competence Requirements by Trisha Rich

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September/October 2022 CBA

The Chicago Bar Association & The Chicago Bar Foundation’s 2022 Pro Bono Week: Empowering People,

About the Cover: Rebecca Kaplan is a member of the CBA and works in marketing.

Empowering Communities


P ro bono representation empowers people and communities by • Affording someone the ability to take charge of their life, • Asserting access to essential services for the poor, • Combating corporate and governmental wrongdoing, • Creating solutions to the injustice of poverty, EDITOR’S BRIEFCASE BY JUSTICE MICHAEL B. HYMAN, EDITOR - IN - CHIEF Empowering People, Empowering Communities • Elevating issues of concern to people of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community and individuals, immigrants, refugees, students, the elderly, people with disabilities, and veterans, to name a few, • Enabling knowing choices by the uninformed, • Enforcing laws that protect individuals, families, and communities, • Ensuring an inclusive society, • Promoting equity and fairness in the administration of justice, • Giving voice to the disfranchised, • Helping underserved individuals address a legal problem confronting them, • Improving the lives of the mistreated, underserved, and marginalized, • ^0t(U0WO0Q L/WsL VUWO*O/0f2sMO0Qg • Informing people of their rights and how to claim them, • Invalidating and repudiating systems of injustice in our society, • Leading efforts to address employment, environmental, and social challenges in communities, • Overcoming cultural, language, economic, and other barriers to justice, • @+/'OVO0Q )PU 2Us0* S/+ -/*O)O'U */L()O/0* )/ W/0tOW)g • Safeguarding access to justice, • Securing the ability of people in dire straits to exercise their legal rights, and • Tackling injustices in its many forms that would otherwise go unexamined.


Justice Michael B. Hyman Illinois Appellate Court

ASSOCIATE EDITOR Anne Ellis Proactive Worldwide, Inc.

SUMMARY JUDGMENTS EDITOR Daniel A. Cotter Howard and Howard A tt orneys PLLC YLS JOURNAL EDITORS Jacob B. Berger Tabet DiVito & Rothstein LLC Theodore Kontopoulos FORVIS Nikki Marcotte Tabet DiVito & Rothstein LLC Carolyn Amadon Samuel, Son & Co. Daniel J. Berkowitz Illinois A tt orney General’s O ff ice Amy Cook Amy Cook Law LLC Nina Fain Janet Sugerman Schirn Family Trust Anthony F. Fata Kirby McInerney LLP Cli ff ord Gately Judge Jasmine Villa fl or Hernandez Circuit Court of Cook County Kaitlin King Hart David Carson LLP Lynn Semptimphelter Kopon Kopon LLC John Levin Kathryn C. Liss DePaul University College of Law Bonnie McGrath Law O ff ice of Bonnie McGrath Clare McMahon Ho ff enberg & Block LLC Pamela S. Menaker Cli ff ord Law O ff ices Kathleen Dillon Narko Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Alexander Passo Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC Adam J. Sheppard Sheppard Law Firm, PC Richard Lee Stavins Robbins DiMonte, Ltd. Rosemary Simota Thompson

This incomplete list illustrates the expansive reach of pro bono work and its ability to O0t(U0WUg U,(O-g sV's0WUg s0V LOrU+s)U& O0 s p/+Vg

Perform pro bono.

Empower people, empower communities.

Empower yourself.

Rehearing <#W)* /S *sW+OuWU s0V VUWU0Wn pO)P/() +UQs+V )/ pPs)5* O0 O) S/+ n/( W+Us)U s +O--LU USSUW)e: ff@+U*OVU0) "s+sWM Ars2s

Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. Circuit Court of Cook County

THE CHICAGO BAR ASSOCIATION Sharon Nolan Director of Marketing

4 September/October 2022

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Member #!$!%" Provider

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.26@2% =A 2 C!B=A>!C!" 2B!$> #D 8%$#:? 4?=C" ,2$7( +&-&( *=$/=$$2>=( )5&

PRESIDENT’S PAGE BY TIMOTHY S. TOMASIK Judicial Security: The Judicial System is Blinking Red*

The Chicago Bar Association President Timothy S. Tomasik First Vice President Ray J. Koenig III Second Vice President John C. Sciaccotta OFFICERS

to their duty to protect. These dedicated deputies should not be criticized for the administrative failure of our courthouses being understaffed by security personnel. We are all cognizant of the brutal murders of Wisconsin Judge John Roemer in May, Judge Raymond Myles in 2017, and, of course, U.S. District !/(+) ](VQU ]/s0 ZUSM/p5* P(*rs0V s0V 2/)PU+ O0 JccGe #0/)PU+ POQPf-+/uLU 'O/LU0) s))sWM /WW(++UV O0 JcJc rn s *ULSf VU*W+OrUV s0)OfSU2O0O*) s))/+0Ung pP/ shot and killed the son of New Jersey Federal Judge Esther Salas while she ps* s) PU+ P/2Ue _U+ */05* u0sL p/+V* pU+U

Secretary Kathryn Carso Liss

Treasurer Nina Fain

Immediate Past President E. Lynn Grayson

Executive Director Beth McMeen

A recent poll by the National Judicial College found that 71% of judges received an inappropriate commu f nication related to their position and that 56% reported being threatened. According to the U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. judges faced over 4,500 threats in 2021 alone. This represents an alarming 400% increase in the number of threats to the judiciary over the Ls*) u'U nUs+*e Today, every judge, attorney, court clerk, court reporter, juror, sheriff, and citizen who walks into a courthouse is at a sub f stantially higher risk of being the victim of a violent attack as compared to 2010. This past July, a disturbed man violently kicked open a locked courtroom door at the Daley Center where a court clerk was hard at work. No sheriff was in sight until sheriffs from other assignments arrived and arrested the dangerous intruder. Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans VU*W+OrUV )PU U'U0) s*

BOARD OF MANAGERS Michael Alkaraki Louis G. Apostol Octavio Duran

Naderh Elrabadi Anthony F. Fata Robert W. Fioretti

Cynthia S. Grand fi eld Malcolm “Skip” Harsch Risa R. Lanier Patricia L. McCarthy Judge James M. McGing Je ff rey Moskowitz Judge Mary Rowland Eirene N. Salvi Kevin Thompson Judge Allen P. Walker Matthew P. Walsh II Sandra S. Yamate

6 September/October 2022

<)Ps) wPUv O* s Miiie #0V -UV/-POLU\PU *P/(LV rU )+OUV S/+ )+Us*/0 s0V UoUW()UVe: U.S. District Judge James Robart, who temporarily blocked the former -+U*OVU0)5* u+*) )+s'UL rs0 rs++O0Q */2U Muslim travelers, was the victim of toxic threats on social media, and extremists even posted his home address online. As reported on 60 Minutes, <0/)PO0Q -+U-s+UV him for the tsunami of hate when Presi f dent Trump used Twitter to scorn him s* s 8*/ WsLLUV N(VQUe5: ](VQU >/rs+) ps* then bombarded with 40,000 messages, over 1,000 of which were deemed serious enough to require investigation. These )P+Us)* O0WL(VUV <^52 Q/O0Q )/ MOLL n/(g: <^ s2 Q/O0Q )/ P(+) n/(g: s0V 2/+U sLs+2f O0QLng <^52 Q/O0Q )/ P(+) n/(+ Ss2OLne: ;PU W/0WL(*O/0 O* *O2-LUB b'U+n *)s)U and federal law enforcement agency, N(VOWOsL sV2O0O*)+s)O'U /SuWUg s0V *)s)U supreme court immediately needs to take action tominimize the ability of extremists to collect private and personal informa f tion of judges and share this informa f tion with toxic extremists online with the

Judges and lawyers unanimously agree that the time for action is now. In June, CBA member Judge Joseph D. Panarese wrote a letter to the Illinois Supreme Court about threats and court f house security after meetings with judges from around the state. In his letter to )PU !/(+)g PU POQPLOQP)UV )Ps) <)PU /0U thing that stood out from all judges, female and male, urban and rural, new and experienced, was their concern for the safety of their partners, family and children and themselves e: !/0*OVU+O0Q )PU 2/*) +UWU0) violence against judges here and around the country, he emphasized that these U'U0)* yf ;_^X`e: ^0 sVVO)O/0 )/ )PU *L(+*g ](VQU >UO0Ps+)5* sVV+U** s0V /)PU+ -U+*/0sL information was shared online with the O2-LOUV /+ Uo-LOWO) -(+-/*U /S +UsLfLOSU action. For instance, someone posted

made to reduce threats against judges that are posted daily on social media. Compounding matters, many court pro f ceedings are now remotely monitored on y/(;(rU /+ /)PU+ -Ls)S/+2*e 4POLU )PO* WU+)sO0Ln O2-+/'U* )PU -(rLOW5* srOLO)n )/ observe our court system, it has resulted in misguided live and online criticisms of judges. This happens regardless of whether the judges are ruling on criminal matters, divorce matters, or setting bond. ](VQU =sLs*5 n/(0Q */0 VU*-U+s)ULn s*MUVg <4Ps) O* Ps--U0O0Q%: 4U M0/p the answer. The next question is whether we are going to do anything about it. * “ The System Was Blinking Red ” is from the 9/11 Commission Report 8.1 The Summer of Threat. The Commis sion concluded that the domestic threat environment in 2001 had been rapidly escalating through Summer 2001, and threats were almost everywhere. Yet, every opportunity to protect against a domestic terrorist attack was missed.

intent of encourag f ing attacks. The use of social media has resulted in many judges choosing to eliminate their own digital footprint. However, this does not solve the prob f lem. Many govern f ment and private databases contain N(VQU*5 sVV+U**U*g vehicle informa f tion, family infor f mation and, in many instances, their WPOLV+U05* *WP//L*e In my view, the 400% increase in threats to the judi f ciary over the past u'U nUs+* O* *(rf stantially related to the criminal misuse of social media to target judges. Every effort needs to be

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Lonely Lawyers: TheWell-Being Impacts of Isolationism in the Legal Profession

=U-)U2rU+ Icg JcJJ j KJBccfKBcc -e2e ZO'U 4UrWs*) s0V A0 zU2s0V 6OVU/

K ^Z YU0)sL _UsL)Pd=(r*)s0WU #r(*U @>fY!Zb !+UVO) $0 CLE Advantage Plan/$30 Member/$60 Nonmember >UQO*)U+ s) LUs+0eWPOWsQ/rs+e/+Q /+ WsLL IKJfGGHfJcGJe The course will focus on the importance of social con f nections and the link between loneliness and diminished pULLfrUO0Qe ^) pOLL sL*/ -+/'OVU /--/+)(0O)OU* )/ -+sW)OWU and integrate multiple resiliency skills including gratitude, compassion, and presence to help lawyers not only sur f vive but thrive in practice. =-UsMU+B J. Ryann Peyton, Director, Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program (CAMP)/Legal Entrepreneurs for Justice (LEJ)


CBANEWS Meet Your CBA O ffi cers By Ann Glynn, CBA Public A ff airs Director T ake a moment to get to know the dedicated folks leading the CBA )PO* JcJJfJcJI rs+ nUs+e 4U s*MUV superb services to members and our legal community. For example, our JEC is the most professional, fair, and thorough in the United States. have become better lawyers because of )PU !"# T rUWs(*U /S O)* Q+Us) rU0Uu)*e

)PU!"#/SuWU+* )/ s0*pU+ s SUp,(U*)O/0* and share a bit more about themselves.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Kinsale, Ireland, no doubt.

What would someone be surprised to learn about you? ^52 s0 s'OV 4/+LV 4s+ ^^ PO*)/+n enthusiast. What do you think is the greatest challenge law yers face in 2022? Exiting the pandemic and at the same time protecting the fundamental under f pinnings of the practice of law and the judicial system by minimizing remote litigation, hearings, and trials. By the same measure, protecting against the attempts /S 0/0fLspnU+* )/ U0QsQU O0 )PU (0s(f )P/+OmUV -+sW)OWU /S Lsp s0V -+/u) S+/2 what has been traditionally the practice /S Lspg pO)P/() )PU uV(WOs+n sWW/(0)srOLf ity that licensed lawyers are held to every Vsn )/ U0*(+U )Ps) WLOU0)*5 rU*) O0)U+U*)* are protected. If you ’ re not watching, what are you reading? The Alchemist l2n Vs(QP)U+ YsU'U5* summer reading). What is your best advice for young lawyers just starting out? 4/+M Ps+Vg s0V S/W(* /0 WLOU0)* u+*)g 0/) revenue. If you do not like your area of practice, try a new one. Always do pro bono work, you will love it. Join the CBA! Thousands of lawyers for over 149 years 0=3< 3AB %"9 (3<#=:$@ "$ ,B<.:'1 The Anatomy of a Scandal .

President Timothy S. Tomasik , Founding Member, Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC

First Vice President Ray J. Koenig III , Managing Partner, Clark Hill

What are your primary areas of practice? Fiduciary, probate, trust, and guardian f ship controversies and litigation. What motivated you to serve on the CBA board? ^ Ps'U rUU0 )PU S/+)(0s)U rU0UuWOs+n /S many mentors and colleagues who went out of their way to guide and assist me in my career. Many of those individuals were leaders of the CBA. It is important for me to return the favor to the following generations of attorneys. I was also drawn to CBA leadership due to the opportuni f ties to highlight diversity among the bar and create more inclusive and equitable practices within the legal community, especially among the growing numbers of our LGBTQA+ attorneys.

What are your primary areas of practice? Plaintiffs personal injury, trials, wrongful death, trucking, aviation, transportation, construction, and medical malpractice. What motivated you to serve on the CBA board? My mentors, all of whom cared about improving the practice of law and serv f ing our clients. This has been in my DNA since I graduated from law school. The CBA is a leader in America on these important missions. What do you appreciate most about the CBA? The unparalleled experience of meeting lawyers from every area of practice, in combination with 149 years of providing

8 September/October 2022

Second Vice President John Sciacotta , Partner, Aronberg Goldgehn

What do you appreciate most about the CBA? I appreciate the vast array of opportuni f ties it provides to attorneys and judges to learn, network, grow, and share. I am also grateful for the leadership and visibility it provides for attorneys who identify as minorities. What would someone be surprised to learn about you? Those things that would surprise others are best kept close to the vest. While I am seen as an extrovert, I am most content when left alone with a book of history or PO*)/+OWsL uW)O/0 s0V s 0OWU pPO*MUne The greatest challenge lawyers face is the ability to connect with others, due in large part to the effects of the pandemic. I am hopeful the CBA will continue to play a leading role in bringing lawyers back together as we move forward. Connec f tion is vital to our satisfaction as lawyers. 0=3< 3AB %"9 (3<#=:$@ "$ ,B<.:'1 I recently watched a few episodes of Stranger Things pO)P 2n )pO0 KJfnUs+f/LV daughters. As someone who grew up in the 1980s, the soundtrack made me smile. If you ’ re not watching, what are you reading? Big Potential by Shawn Achor. He spoke s) 2n Lsp u+25* s00(sL +U)+Us) s0V O* s _s+'s+Vf)+sO0UV *WOU0)O*) pP/*U +U*Us+WP focuses on happiness. This book explains how to bring out the best in others and ourselves. It is more relevant than ever for leaders in the legal profession. What do you think is the greatest challenge law yers face in 2022? What is your best advice for young lawyers just starting out? Avoid credit card debt. Live within your means. Focus on paying off student loans. That will make your life much easier down the road. Where is your favorite vacation spot? Anywhere on the European coast of the Mediterranean, with a special love for Spain.

What do you think is the greatest challenge law yers face in 2022? Staying connected virtually and maintain f ing and establishing relationships. Also, mentoring has become more of a chal f lenge due to the virtual/hybrid nature of working remotely.

0=3< 3AB %"9 (3<#=:$@ "$ ,B<.:'1 The Old Man on FX.

If you are not watching, what are you reading? Leadership in Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns Goodwin. What is your best advice for young lawyers just starting out? Learn your trade and become the best lawyer you can be. Also, get involved at the CBA and in your communities. Join organizations that will allow you to meet people and mentors in the profession. Always try to make friends in the practice of law and establish relationships. Where is your favorite vacation spot? Anywhere in Italy and Hawaii. Runners (-B Z/0V/0 s0V @s+O*e Secretary Kathryn Carso Liss , Executive Director, Schiller DuCanto and Fleck Family Law Center, DePaul University College of Law

What are your primary areas of practice? Commercial/business litigation, business divorce disputes, and arbitration and mediation. I am also an arbitrator and mediator. What motivated you to serve on the CBA board? The CBA has always been an important part of my legal career. I have made countless friends and have established cherished relationships. Giving back by *U+'O0Q s* s0 /SuWU+ s0V 2U2rU+ /S )PU Board of Managers has been extremely +Ups+VO0Q s0V S(LuLLO0Qe What do you appreciate most about the CBA? The opportunities it provides to establish meaningful friendships and relationships and to become better lawyers through the vast array of CLE programs. The CBA experience will enhance your career, enrich your life, and better our legal pro f fession. My family (great uncle) owned and oper f s)UV )PU u+*) W/22U+WOsL +U*)s(+s0) O0 !POWsQ/ )Ps) *U+'UV -Ommse `+s0s)/5* @Omf zeria opened in 1924 at 907 West Taylor St. in Chicago. My family (four genera f )O/0*k sL*/ /p0UV )PU @s-s YOLs0/5* s0V YOLs0/5* ^)sLOs0 +U*)s(+s0)* O0 !POWsQ/ S+/2 KCJCfJccEe What would someone be surprised to learn about you?

What are your primary areas of practice? When I practiced, I practiced family law. Although I train and supervise family law


students helping pro se litigants at the courthouse, my current role is mostly stu f dent facing and administrative. What motivated you to serve on the board of the CBA? The opportunity to work with others in making a positive impact within our com f munity through various programming, proposed legislation, and volunteer work. What do you appreciate most about the CBA? The community of caring, smart, and talented individuals who have become friends, mentors, and colleagues. What would someone be surprised to learn about you? I have eight names and I use one of those names (not Katie/Kathryn) to preorder my Starbucks drink. What do you think is the greatest challenge law yers face in 2022? Maintaining connectivity and strong interpersonal skills.

What is your best advice for young lawyers just starting out? _s'U -s)OU0WU s0V P(2OLO)n& *UUM /() mentors.

What motivated you to serve on the CBA board? My goal was to broaden the membership focus of the CBA to include lawyers who work in corporate law by recognizing the impact of corporate law, technology, and u0s0WU /0 )PU -+/SU**O/0e ^) O* O2-U+s)O'U that CBA members be from all practice areas, cultures, and interests. What would someone be surprised to learn about you? People who know me best are aware of my abiding interest in equestrian sports, /-U+sg t/pU+ Qs+VU0O0Qg s0V )PU W/LLUWf )O/0 /S u0U s+)e What do you think is the greatest challenge law yers face in 2022? The predominant challenge facing young lawyers is to understand that life and busi f ness have cycles. They must be intentional in achieving their goals, serving as ambas f sadors of integrity and justice. They must persevere not only to blaze trails in court f rooms, but in the communities that sur f round them. 0=3< 3AB %"9 (3<#=:$@ "$ ,B<.:'1 I am most inspired and interested by productions right here at the CBA. The recent screening of the documentary A Crime on the Bayou was a favorite. If you are not watching, what are you reading? ^ Ws05) -OWM N(*) /0U7 Yn Ss'/+O)U* s+U LO*)UV /0 )PU r//M LO*) S/+ )PO* SsLL5* +UsVf ing on the DICE landing page. Many are classics, but some are from my favorite genres of history and mysteries. What is your best advice for young lawyers just starting out? ^)5* *O2-LUB u0V n/(+ u+*) 2U0)/+e ;PU 0Uo) 2U0)/+ pOLL u0V n/(7 y/( Ws0 sWPOU'U s0n Q/sL n/( *U)& N(*) V/05) QU) greedy. People will remember you for what you are, not for who you think you are!

Where is your favorite vacation spot? @(U+)/ 6sLLs+)sg YUoOW/e

Treasurer Nina Fain , General Counsel, JSS Family Trust

What are your primary areas of practice? I oversee complex commercial business transactions in the U.S. and Europe and advise on the selection, management, and evaluation of strategic philanthropic gifts.

0=3< 3AB %"9 (3<#=:$@ "$ ,B<.:'1 Stranger Things season 4.

If you are not watching, what are you reading? I wish I had more time to read, but I am just able to get to the news.

The CBA hosted a reception to welcome their newest neighbor, attorney Nicky Boothe, the recently appointed Dean of the University of Illinois Chicago College of Law, to the broader legal community. Pictured from left to right: CBATreasurer and DICE Committee Co-Chair Nina Fain, UIC College of Law Dean Nicky Boothe, CBAPresident TimothyTomasik, DICE CommitteeMember Ashley Rafael, andCBA Executive Director Beth McMeen.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Any U.N. World Heritage site will do!

10 September/October 2022

CLE & MEMBER NEWS It could be if your membership dues have not yet been paid. In accordancewith theAssociation’s By-Laws, cancellationnoticeswere sent toallmemberswhofailedtosubmitduesbyAugust31, 2022. If you receivedacancellationnotice,wewant youback! Pleasetakeamoment Is This Your Last Issue?

to renew now at, call 312-554-2020 or mail your dues payment to the CBA at 321 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago IL 60604. A dues installment plan, $50 reduced dues, and $75 retired rates are available. Email for details.

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Fall is here and the CBA is back in full swing, o ff ering resources to enhance your practice and ways to reconnect with colleagues, legal experts, and old friends. We are excited to resume some in person events and will also continue our convenient virtual edu cational programming, giving you access to seminars, committee meetings, and legal resources anytime from anywhere. Whether you are looking for updates on court and legal developments, tips on practicing post-pandemic, new trends in the legal profession,

business referrals, speaking opportunities, young lawyer training and mentoring, or supporting social justice initiatives, the CBA has you covered. Your membership also supports the CBA’s important missions in serving the bench, the bar, and the public.

To the many members who have already renewed: thank you! We look forward to continuing to serve you in the coming bar year.

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It’s that time of year … CBA and YLS committees are now meeting during the noon hour. Over 40 new presentations are o ff ered every month with free IL MCLE credit. Virtual, in-person, and hybrid meet ing options are available. Committee speakers, topics, and MCLE credit availability are highlighted in the weekly CBA Ebulletin, which

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By getting more involved in the CBA, you can raise your pro fi le in Chicago’s legal community and meet other lawyers whose paths you may have never crossed. Even a small commitment can reap big rewards. Below are just a few examples of speaking, network ing, leadership, and other opportunities available through your CBA membership: • Speak at a seminar, committee meeting or community event. • Write an article for the CBA Record magazine or CBA blog. • Help produce an episode of a CBA podcast or the CBA’s legal YouTube series. •

Become a legislative liaison.

• Evaluate judges through the CBA’s Judicial Evaluation Committee. • Volunteer for a pro bono project. • Help at a YLS community outreach project. • Join the Racial Justice Coalition. For more information on these opportunities or to learn how to become more involved in the CBA, email membership@

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A Frontline View of the R. Kelly Investigation By Seth Stern

T he journalistic and legal challenges O0'/L'UV O0 +U-/+)O0Q /0 >e [ULLn5* criminal trials were the subject of a lively discussion at a recent meeting of )PU !"#5* YUVOs s0V b0)U+)sO02U0) Zsp Committee. The event, held two days rUS/+U s SUVU+sL N(VQU O0 XUp y/+M *U0f tenced Kelly to 30 years, featured music journalist Jim DeRogatis and lawyer Damon Dunn of the Chicago firm a(0MP/(*U+ 6UQ/*U0 ZOUr2s0 . z(00 Ltd. Seth Stern, a member of that law u+2g *U+'UV s* )PU 2/VU+s)/+e zU>/Qs)O* u+*) +U-/+)UV )PU *Uo(sL abuse allegations against Kelly nearly two decades ago and authored the book Soul less: The Case Against R. Kelly in 2019. Dunn has decades of experience in media and First Amendment law, conducted the pre f publication reviews and advised several of zU>/Qs)O*5* -(rLO*PU+*g O0WL(VO0Q V(+O0Q [ULLn5* JccD W+O2O0sL )+OsL O0 !POWsQ/e Early Reporting zU>/Qs)O* +UWsLLUV )Ps)g sL)P/(QP [ULLn5* -+/WLO'O)OU* pU+U pULLfM0/p0 S/+ */2U time – he married his protégé Aalliyah in 1994 when she was 15 and he was 27 – the media and record industry turned s rLO0V UnU s* [ULLn rUWs2U <)PU 2/*) successful musician Chicago ever pro f V(WUVe: _OQP *WP//L )UsWPU+* p/(LV ps+0 students against talking to Kelly when PU ps*

s VUSs2s)O/0 Ws*Ug s -+O'sWn Ws*Ug: s0V 2OQP) *(U s* s <-+/on: S/+ [ULLne 9L)Of 2s)ULng PU *sOVg <)PU SsW)/+ ^ W/0*OVf ered the most was that I had not seen a *)/+n pO)P s* 2(WP *P/UfLUs)PU+ +U-/+)f O0Q O0'U*)UV O0 O) s* )PO* O0O)OsL Uo-/*qe: DeRogatis noted that, after such VU)sOLUV +U-/+)O0Qg /Qs)O*5* W/0WU+0* included having to disclose sources pP/ 2sn Ps'U 'O/Ls)UV 0/0fVO*WL/f

sure agreements with Kelly to speak to PO2B <;/ 2Ug O) ps* sLL sr/() -+/)UW)f O0Q )PU -U/-LU pP/ PsV )+(*)UV 2Ue: ](VQU 6O0WU0) `s(QPs0 VUWLO0UV )/ s--Ln )PU ^LLO0/O* >U-/+)U+5* @+O'OLUQU =)s)()U lEIG ^Z!= GdDfCcKk s0V P/LV )PU +U,(O*O)U U'OVU0)Os+n PUs+O0Q*g u0VO0Q )Ps) )PU )s-U ps* 0/) -+/)UW)UV <*/(+WU 2s)Uf +OsLe:z(00 ,(U*)O/0UVB

12 September/October 2022

/S PO* Ws+UU+g [ULLn /Qs)O*5* +U-/+)f ing for BuzzFeed, and subsequently The New Yorker g PUL-UV -+/2-) [ULLn5*

trial and conviction in the Eastern Dis f )+OW) /S XUp y/+M S/+g s2/0Q /)PU+ things, racketeering and conspiracy by heading an enterprise that transported minors across state lines for abuse. DeRo f Qs)O* WsLLUV )PU 'U+VOW)

Members are also encouraged to join the Media andEntertainment LawCommittee (send an email to Awilda Reyes at Seth Stern is Chair of the CBA Media and Entertainment Law Committee and is a partner at Funkhouser Vegosen Liebman & Dunn

Ltd. focusing on First Amendment, employ ment, and commercial disputes for clients in <=B &B!:3 3$! /$3$#:35 services industries, among others.


Lawyers in the Classroom: An E ff ective Civic Education Tool and a Meaningful Opportunity for Lawyer Volunteers By Ann Glynn, CBA Public A ff airs Director

“For me, civic education is the key to inspiring kids to want to stay involved in making a di ff erence.” —Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, U.S. Supreme Court

Chicago area students an opportunity not only to better understand their rights, r() sL*/ )PUO+ sQU0Wn O0 )/Vsn5* p/+LVe: ;PU -+/Q+s25* *(WWU** VU-U0V* /0 the 600 attorneys who volunteer their time and talent to bring these lessons to LOSU S/+ *)(VU0)*e ]sW/r =)UO0u0Mg =U0O/+ !/(0*UL s) YWz/0sLV5* !/+-/+s)O/0g Ps* been a volunteer with the LIC program S/+ KG nUs+*e <;P+/(QP/() 2n )O2U pO)P Z^!g YWz/0sLV5* Ps* PsV P(0V+UV* /S *)sSS -s+)OWO-s)U s* '/L(0)UU+*e ^)5* s p/0f VU+S(L /+Qs0Oms)O/0 )Ps) rU0Uu)* r/)P s))/+0Un* s0V *)(VU0)*g: *sOV =)UO0u0Me _U sVVUVg <4U )UsWP )P/(QP)f-+/'/Mf ing lessons on constitutional law issues that are designed to help students develop skills in debate, negotiation, persuasion, critical thinking, compromise, and theneed to understand multiple sides to an issue. Many of the lessons allow the students to act as judge or juror. They learn impor f tant information after every lesson that )PUn P/-US(LLn pOLL ()OLOmU O0 )PU S()(+Ue:

T he CBA Media and Civic Edu f Ws)O/0 ^0We5* bVps+V ]e ZUpO* ^^ Lawyers in the Classroom (LIC) program has been providing civic and social justice education to Chicago ele f mentary and middle school students for more than 30 years. By placing attorney s0V Lsp *)(VU0) '/L(0)UU+* O0 J0VfD)P grade social science/social studies and literature classrooms to teach students their constitutional rights and encourage them to be civically engaged, the pro f gram provides early and critical access to civics education that students otherwise might not be exposed to until their high school years. The LIC program currently reaches nearly 5,000 students in 60 Chi f cagoland schools each year. More than Gc1 /S )PU*U *WP//L* s+U O0 L/pfO0W/2Ug underserved communities. 6/L(0)UU+* -s+)0U+ pO)P )UsWPU+* )/ -+/'OVU Q+sVUfLU'UL LU**/0* s0V M0/pLf UVQU rs*UV /0 +UsLfLOSU Uo-U+OU0WU*e ;PU lessons demonstrate how the judicial system works, bring awareness of racial injustice and racial equity principles, and share interactive and relatable examples. While educating students on the U.S. Constitution and their constitutional rights and responsibilities under the law, attorneys help them develop critical think f O0Q *MOLL*g u0V )PUO+ */WOsL N(*)OWU '/OWUg s0V offer the opportunity to interact with posi f tive adult role models and legal advocates. The LIC program director, Tiffani Watson M. Ed., came to the CBA in 2019 from the Constitutional Rights Foundation

where the program originated. As an educator and former school adminis f trator, Watson regularly updates and develops new lessons to incorporate important and timely constitutional and controversial issues that arise in daily life. <;PU W(++OW(L(2 W/'U+* W(++U0) O**(U* like the protections offered under the Fourth Amendment and how it applies to the Breonna Taylor case or helps students understand free speech limitations with the Charlottesville Right to Unite Rally as context. LIC provides students with the knowledge to be active and respon f *OrLU -s+)OWO-s0)* O0 */WOU)n& O) /SSU+*

LIC volunteers Jackson Esker and Alexander Righi work through a civics lesson with local students.

14 September/October 2022

Ben Kurtz, a partner at Kirkland . bLLO* ZZ@g Ps* rUU0 s0 Z^! '/Lf unteer since being introduced to the program as a summer associate in 2007 s0V Ps* rUU0 LUsVO0Q PO* u+25* -s+f ticipation in the program since 2014. <;PU Z^! -+/Q+s2 2sMU* s +UsL VOSf SU+U0WU O0 *)(VU0)*5 LO'U* rn Uo-/*O0Q them to how lawyers think through and s))sWM -+/rLU2*g: *sOV [(+)me <=)(VU0)* come to see that they possess these same critical thinking skills. The law becomes accessible, and students feel empowered to engage civically, or per f haps even consider a career in law. The *)(VU0)*5 O0*OQP) s0V W+Us)O'O)n s+U W/0f tagious, and attorney volunteers leave U0U+QOmUV )/ +U)(+0 S/+ S()(+U *U**O/0*e: As Kurtz notes, students are not the /0Ln /0U* rU0Uu))O0Q S+/2 )PO* -+/f gram. The lawyers who volunteer are often surprised to learn they get as much out of the program as they put into it. Robert Rodemeyer, Supervisor, Child Protection Division, Juvenile ](*)OWU "(+Us(g !//M !/(0)n =)s)U5* #))/+0Un5* ASuWUg Ps* rUU0 '/L(0f )UU+O0Q pO)P Z^! *O0WU JccJe <;UsWPf ing and working with kids around the topics of civil rights and responsibil f O)n O* O0*-O+O0Q s0V +Ups+VO0Qg: PU *sOVe <^)5* UoWO)O0Q )/ *UU )PU S+U*P psn* /S thinking our students bring to these topics. This program also provides our attorneys an invaluable opportunity not only to interact with the community in s 0/0f)P+Us)U0O0Q psn r() sLL/p* (* )PU WPs0WU )/ *P/p /(+ P(2s0O)n )/ )PU2e: As a new school year begins, the LIC program needs more attorneys to step into the classroom. Information s0V )+sO0O0Q *U**O/0* s+U s'sOLsrLUe 6O*O) (under Programs) to register for a 2022 Attorney Information . ;+sO0O0Q =U**O/0e A0WU )+sO0UVg '/Lf unteers commit to making three school visits to the same classroom for the year. If you are interested in learn f ing more or getting involved with the LIC program, contact Tiffani Watson at

LIC volunteer Daniel Winters conducts a lesson on the U.S. government.

$"*)* /*( .!-' %&#)',+ .#) K@J /8< :( 4#) (2428) J:8N6 #I>8!+ G)4 7<@4@ #)K9 I:28 K@J /8< &)4 4#)8)B

0)+2,) 4#) ,:646 :( @ +!8),4 K)@6) @;+ (2KKC4!<) 64@= *9;< 3 <'2A9# $+%D ($#D4 ;<3; >89;> ; $B '$8A 3;;$A&D'>

5);)/46 @4 7<@4@

• :3>94' 3## $A >82;A3%; $+%D >"3%D 3> &DD#D# • @&.#D(3&# D)"DA9D&%D# "3A34D?34> • =A$BD>>9$&34 AD%D";9$&9>; ?ADD;9&? %49D&;>

• 1D?34 3>>9>;3&;> 3&# #$%5D; %4DA5> • /3' $+%D 3&# %$&BDAD&%D A$$(> • 0894;.9& 3;;$A&D' &D;*$A59&?

357 F)<>)86 &)4 -'M := ;; "8A%<3>D $B 3&' 43* >8""$A; >DA79%D- 6D; ;@ H EO""DC"*OC-%?%


YLSWins Five Awards from the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division By Ann Glynn, CBA Public A ff airs Director

T PU !"#5* y/(0Q ZspnU+* =UW)O/0 +UWU0)Ln +UWUO'UV u'U sps+V* S+/2 the American Bar Association. ;PU #"#5* y/(0Q ZspnU+* zO'O*O/0 presents annual Awards of Achievement to recognize local, state, and national yZz sSuLOs)U* sW+/** )PU W/(0)+n S/+ projects and programs that contribute *OQ0OuWs0)Ln )/ )PU -(rLOW s0V )/ )PU rU)f )U+2U0) /S )PU LUQsL -+/SU**O/0e ;PU yZ= earned 2022 ABA Awards of Achieve f ment in categories for Diversity, Service to the Public, Service to the Bar, and Newsletter, and Comprehensive. ^0 )PU zO'U+*O)n Ws)UQ/+ng )PU yZ= ps* +UW/Q0OmUV S/+ )PU *U2O0s+

by the National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers program, earned honors. In the Service to the Bar category, )PU yZ= ps* sps+VUV S/+ O)* S/(+fpUUM W/(+*Ug <>U-+U*U0)O0Q =-s0O*P =-UsMf O0Q !LOU0)*e: ;PU W/(+*U ps* VU*OQ0UV for legal representatives to learn about cultural challenges in representing Span f O*Pf*-UsMO0Q WLOU0)*g Uo-s0V )PUO+ LUQsL vocabulary, and manage client expecta f tions regarding cultural legal differences. The @theBar Blog was honored in the Newsletter category. Recognized for promoting the goals and objectives of the yZ=g )PU !"#5* $)PU"s+ "L/Q -+/2/)U* )PU yZ=5* VUVOWs)O/0 )/ -+/SU**O/0sL development, ethical practice, service to )PU -+/SU**O/0g s0V 2U2rU+ pULLfrUO0Qe ;PU yZ= sL*/ Us+0UV s !/2-+UPU0f sive award, which recognized its broad range of programming in the 2021 – 2022 bar year as determined by a com f prehensive evaluation of all programs. ^0 nUs+* -s*)g )PU #"# yZz Ps* +UW/Q0OmUV 0(2U+/(* yZ= -+/Q+s2* including the Law Student Mentoring @+/Q+s2g )PU !"# Zsp . zUrs)U !L(rg )PU 4/+MO0Q 4/2U05* ZUQsL =(22O)g )PU ZspnU+* ZU0V s _s0V )/ y/()P program, the CBA @theBar Podcast, s0V )PU Zsp !/22O))UU5* ;O2U* 9 on Workplace Harassment program. ;PU yZ= *)+O'U* )/ -+/'OVU 2Us0O0Qf ful opportunities for professional growth, community service, and networking to its approximately 7,000 members, which O0WL(VU s))/+0Un* O0 )PUO+ u+*) Kc nUs+* /S -+sW)OWU s0V Lsp *)(VU0)*e ;PU yZ= offers 25 committees, including sub f stantive practice areas and public ser f 'OWU /SSU+O0Q*& O2-LU2U0)* 2U2rU+ s0V -(rLOW *U+'OWU -+/NUW)*& s0V P/*)* 0(2U+f ous seminars and networking events. For further information, con f )sW) )PU y/(0Q ZspnU+* =UW)O/0 s) IKJfGGHfJcEc /+ nL*$WPOWsQ/rs+e/+Qe

Nielsen Career Consulting Career Counseling For Attorneys Coaching support for your career in or out of the law • Career Transition • Job Search • Interview Prep • Professional Development • Difficult Workplace Guidance • Wellness Support Over 30 years of experience counseling over 5,000 lawyers and other professionals.

YLS SecondVice Chair KennyMatusze wski acceptinghis ABA40Under 40On theRiseAwardat the 2022ABAAnnual Meeting in Chicago. In the Service to the Public category, )PU -(rLOW -+U*U0)s)O/0 <@+U-s+O0Q S/+ @+/)U*)B ;PU >/LU /S ZUQsL Ar*U+'U+* O0 @+U'U0)O0Q @/LOWU YO*W/0V(W) . @+/)UW)f O0Q a+UU =-UUWP: -+U*U0)UV rn )PU yZ= >sWOsL ](*)OWU !/sLO)O/0 s0V W/f*-/0*/+UV

Sheila Nielsen, MSW, JD

16 September/October 2022

F=C@ KA/''/ 7I.=D@C. (4, ;AI +=D +''2'/ C4 ,I+'/.CAI+ J4/' A>4,C (4,/ ;@4.'I 2AC@ )=C@=I C@' &'DA& 2/49'..=4IB 8A=I =I.=D@C. AI+ "I4)&'+D' 4IE

KA/''/ +'.;/=2$4I.

1A&A/( /AID'.

L;;,2A$4IA& 4,C&44".

0@' K@=;AD4 !A/ #..4;=A$4I KA/''/ K'IC'/ =. A C/,' ;A/''/ 2&AII=ID +'.$IA$4I )@'/' (4, ;AIE 1. Plan and research your entire career - from student to retiree. 2. Discover resources to help you land the job you’re seeking. 3. Connect with employers, mentors, and learning opportunities to advance your career. 4. Find your next great job.

#;$*=$'. 2'/94/J'+ =I 'A;@ /4&'

:+,;A$4IA& &'*'&. 49 2'42&' =I 'A;@ /4&'

K4J2A/=.4I 49 'J2&4(J'IC .CA$.$;. ,.=ID &4;A&G .CAC' AI+ IA$4I)=+' A*'/AD'.

3'&AC'+ 4;;,2A$4I.

?HA( =I C@' &=9'< *=+'4. AI+ J4/'- (under the Careers tab)

0A"' C@' 6/.C .C'2 =I ;/'A$ID (4,/ ;A/''/ 2AC@ C4 (4,/ +/'AJ %4>B

K@';" 4,C C@' KA/''/ 5&AII=ID 54/CA&


A Crash Course in MCLE Credit By Jennifer Byrne, CBA Continuing Legal Education Director

T he CBA offers members another bar year of stellar CLE seminars and committee meetings spon f sored by our 100+ practice area commit f tees. Now is the perfect time to brush up /0 ^LLO0/O*5 Y!Zb +U-/+)O0Q Q(OVULO0U*g P/p )/ )sMU sV's0)sQU /S )PU !"#5* !Zb offerings, and an overview of CBA pro f cedures to ensure that attendees receive MCLE credit for our programs. Overview of CBA CLE O ff erings The CBA offers a variety of CLE semi f nars curated by our practice area commit f )UU*g *-UWOsL W/22O))UU*g y/(0Q ZspnU+* Section, and CLE Department. The !"#5* !Zb !/22O))UU sL*/ W//+VO0s)U* programs of general interest to the legal community. In addition, it oversees a vari f ety of special initiatives such as the Trial Practice Series, the Advanced Mediation Training program, the newly launched

is an exclu f *O'U rU0Uu) S/+ CBA members. X/0f2U2rU+* may not receive CLE credit for attendance at CBA commit f

A committee meeting description indi f cates whether CLE credit is available, but CLE credit will not be awarded until after the meeting date and CBA staff has reviewed the recorded web f cast content for substance and length. Once you have selected the program you would like to attend or watch, click /0 )PU 8>UQO*)U+5 r())/0 ln/( 2(*) rU signed into the website to register). Then WLOWM /0 )PU 8>UQO*)U+ Yn*ULS 5 s0V 8@+/f WUUV )/ !PUWM/()e5 y/( 2(*) WLOWM /0 8=(r2O) A+VU+5 O0 n/(+ *P/--O0Q Ws+) )/ W/2-LU)U n/(+ +UQO*)+s)O/0e y/( pOLL +UWUO'U s W/0u+2s)O/0 0/)OWU pPU0 +UQf istration is complete, and your selection pOLL rU s'sOLsrLU (0VU+ 8Yn zs*Pr/s+V5 s) LUs+0eWPOWsQ/rs+e/+Qd2nfVs*Pr/s+Ve After registering for a live or on demand webcast, you will be able to access the pUrWs*) )P+/(QP )PU 8Yn zs*Pr/s+V5 section on the side menu at learn.chica f Q/rs+e/+Qd2nfVs*Pr/s+Ve y/( 2(*) *OQ0 into the website to see your dashboard. From there, you can click on the pro f Q+s2 )O)LU (0VU+ )PU 8!/0)U0)*5 )sre ;/ start the program, you have the option to click on the yellow button ‘ Enter Live b'U0) O0 @+/Q+U**5 lS/+ LO'U pUrWs*)*k /+ 86OUp 6OVU/5 lS/+ /0 VU2s0V pUrWs*)*ke y/( pOLL rU s()/2s)OWsLLn +UfVO+UW)UV )/ a Zoom webpage to view a live webcast. y/( 2(*) Ps'U s0 (-Vs)UV 'U+*O/0 /S Zoom Desktop Client on your Mac or PC to view a live program. If you are watch f ing on a mobile device, you must have the How to View a CBA CLE Webcast Program

tee meetings. Although the CBA archives most committee meetings for on demand viewing as a resource for members, CLE credit is not available for watch f ing on demand committee meetings. ;PU !"# Uo-UW)* )/ /SSU+ O0f-U+f son seminars and committee meetings with increased frequency during the current bar year. Based on the strong preferences of our members and com f mittee leadership, we will also con f tinue to offer a virtual option for most seminars and committee meetings. To view a list of available CLE programs, visit, which can sL*/ rU L/Ws)UV /0 )PU 8bV(Ws)O/05 )sr at Once there, you can hover over one of the four major categories (Seminars, Committee Meet f ings, Professional Responsibility, or Free CLE) and click the type of program you p/(LV LOMU )/ s))U0Ve y/( pOLL )PU0 *UU s LO*) /S -+/Q+s2*e ;/ uL)U+ n/(+ *ULUW)O/0g you can either use the search function or search the entire catalog of programs rn WLOWMO0Q )PU 8!s)sL/Q5 )sr /0 )PU *OVU menu and using the search function at the top of the screen. A short description of each program appears in the home -sQU /S )PU Ws)sL/Q& n/( Ws0 sL*/ WLOWM /0 )PU 8A'U+'OUp5 r())/0 )/ *UU )PU -+/f Q+s25* S(LL VU*W+O-)O/0 s0V *-UsMU+ LO*)e _/'U+O0Q /'U+ )PU 8^0WL(VU* !+UVO)*5 hyperlink lets you see how many cred f its are available for a particular seminar. How to Register for a CBA CLE Program

18 September/October 2022

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