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REVIEWS, REVIEWS, REVIEWS! Savvy Advice for Executives and Their Attorneys

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I f you represent corporate executives, or professionals, you should read The Savvy Executive by a savvy Chicago corporate lawyer and CBA member, G.A. Finch. The book’s subtitle describes the book well. Finch knows of what he writes, and imparts prudent advice. From beginning to end, Finch breaks down intricacies and tendencies into simple information and instruction. For instance, The Savvy Executive begins with employment contracts. Rule number one is—never start a job without a completely finished, signed employment agreement in hand, reviewed and approved by an attor- ney. And beware of last-minute language, insertions, or failure to include agreed-on provisions. He also suggests a refreshing perspective on executive job interviews, highlighting rarely considered qualities as posture, vocabulary, and “brand projection” in pre- senting one’s experience, accomplishments, and goals. Finch emphasizes that an execu- tive must have good speaking and writing skills, and be skilled at everything from small talk to making presentations. While the executive need not be a Pulitzer Prize winner, he or she must write effectively and in an educated manner. A particularly thoughtful section involves the touchy topic of bad corporate behavior, including moral turpitude and criminal conduct. Finch gives guidance on discharge or leaving a position, recom- mending a separation agreement. Finch provides a compelling, interest- ing, and challenging source of insight and information on the corporate world and its executives. Lawyers will be surprised by some of the examples of contract

Review by E. Kenneth Wright, Jr., Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County The Savvy Executive: The Handbook Covering Employment Contracts, Compensation, Executive Skills and Much More by G.A. FINCH Windy City Publishers, 2019

provisions, of executive liability for cor- porate shenanigans, and of the amount of corporate governance in federal laws and power of the SEC. His ample experience in advising companies, executives, and professionals adds credibility and authority to his recommendations and directions. The Savvy Executive offers solid, acces- sible, and practical answers to questions that corporate managers and their lawyers need to know.

Judge E. Kenneth Wright Jr. is the presiding judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County’s Municipal Department First District and is a member of the CBA Record Editorial Board.


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