CBA Record October 2018

Now Available! Episode 8 Financing the Fight

Hosts Jon Amarilio and Jack Sanker are joined by Ajit Singh, Law Finance Group, and Travis Lenkner, Burford Capital, to discuss how litigation fi- nancing is changing the face of mod- ern litigation, the business of lawsuits, how litigation financing can be used by both the plaintiff and defense bars

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in creative ways, and much more. Special thanks to our episode spon- sors : Amata Law Office Suites and

Episode 9 The Brexit Brouhaha

What’s all the brouhaha about Brexit? In this episode, host Jonathan Amarilio and Andrew Walker, Queen’s Counsel

and the 2018 Chair of the Bar of England and Wales, break it down for us with a rousing discussion about the prac- tice of law across the pond, how the legal community is impacted by Brexit and much more. Special thanks to our episode sponsor: One Legal.

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Episode 10 The Amanda Knox Again Edition: An Interview with the Defense Team Amanda Knox, the American college student charged with killing her British roommate while studying abroad in Italy, spent four years in jail before her murder conviction was overturned. Was the media’s portrayal of the mur- derous “Foxy Knoxy” accurate or was she just an innocent college student

caught in a nightmare? In this episode, hosts Jon Amarilio and Trisha Rich speak with Amanda Knox’s lead Italian defense lawyer, Carlo Dalla Vedova, and her media con- sultant, Alex Guittieres, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the trial that gripped the world. Special thanks to One Legal for sponsoring this episode.

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