CBA Record October 2017

based community services; and (4) Jobs for high risk men and women. Those pres- ent will break out into separate rooms so the lawyers can interview the community representatives to understand the details of the representatives’ requests for legal help. If the request meets a lawyer’s skill set, the lawyer can promise to help. Lawyers and bar associations are pre- pared to be part of the remedy to this unacceptable situation and are ready to donate their time and special skill set to help the communities end this epidemic. You can be of enormous help to a resident, to make him/her financially stronger and more self-sufficient and able to help drive out their disruptive neighbors. The time for talk is over; the time to act is now. Join us on November 3.

Enhance Your Resume, Expand Your Professional Contacts, Make New Friends! By gettingmore involved in the CBA, you can raise your profile in Chicago’s legal community andmeet other lawyers whose paths you may have never crossed. Even a small time commitment can reap big rewards. These are just a few examples of speaking, networking, leadership and other opportunities available through your CBA membership. • Speak at a seminar, committee meeting or community event • Write an article for the CBA Record • Become a legislative liaison • Evaluate judges through the CBA’s Judicial Evaluation Committee • Volunteer for a pro bono project • Help out at a YLS community outreach project • Do something in the CBA Symphony, sing in the CBA Chorus, perform in Christmas Spirits (the CBA holiday show), or help produce a legal cable TV show For more information on these opportunities or to learn how to become more involved in the CBA, contact CBA Membership Director Karen Stanton at 312/554-2131 or

Organizations like the very few listed below do essential work in our troubled neighborhoods and a number of themwill attend the November 3 meeting to ask for specific legal services help: • Safer Foundation helps people with criminal records become employed; • Heartland Health Outreach provides effective, responsive primary and behavioral healthcare; • Kennedy Forum helps to improve the lives of individuals living with mental illness and addiction; • Liberation Christian Center works to be the catalyst between injustice and justice, hatred and love, separatism and compassion and poverty and prosperity. • Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence takes a proactive role in educating people about the negative impact of gun violence; • Phalanx Family Services assists economically disadvantaged at-risk youth and families in the pursuit of self-sufficiency; • NewCovenant CommunityDevelopment provides affordable home ownership opportunities and programs for low income and underservedminority residents. • Chicago Citizens for Change works to reduce youth violence through restorative peace-making;

• Antioch Network connects local pastors with leaders, organizations, corporations, ministries and business interests. • Behavioral Health Consortium of Illinois, LLC members provide quality health care for the communities it serves; • Park Manor Neighbors’ Community Council helps create healthy, safe and sustainable neighborhoods for families;

• Chicago Safe Start brings people and programs together to help children exposed to violence; • Illinois Council against Handgun Violence works to prevent the devastation caused by firearms; • Uptown Research Institute gives treatment and care to residents of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood and the greater Chicagoland community; • Kids Off the Block, Inc. gives children a safe haven away from the streets; • La Rabida Children’s Trauma Center provides trauma services for children; • Little Village Community Council works with individuals who are dealing with issues of abuse, substance abuse, homelessness, homework help or life skills; • Apna Ghar, Inc. provides education and addresses systemic barriers that immigrant survivors face.


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