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A lot of people take that for granted. The people you meet early on become friends, referral sources, and co-counsel. It helps builds relationships. And two, it exposes you to a broad area of the law and you get to see other people at different points in their career and see what they did to get where they are. The YLS gives a great opportunity to interact with people who have had great careers. I don’t think that exists in all bar associations, so the YLS is different in that aspect.” Do you have any advice for young law- yers? “Expand your legal knowledge base and network. Find time to go meet people, find time to do public service and pro bono work. Become a more well-rounded attor- ney. Don’t just worry about your billable hours. It takes a lot of willingness to put yourself out there and ask to be involved.” What is one thing you wish you would have known as a young lawyer? “I was a little more introverted when I first started out; but in terms of going out and being willing to put yourself out there, it takes time to see the benefits. It’s important to put yourself out there, be involved, don’t be shy. Almost everyone will say yes if you ask them for help or advice; and don’t hesitate to make that inquiry or ask for that introduction.”

Jill McCall, 2010-2011

community as well as the Chicagoland community—that remains the YLS’s essence. How the YLS carries out its pro- grams and connects with its members and the community at large is the variable, and I think the YLS has done a fantastic job in remaining highly relevant and impactful in the midst of a pandemic.” How has the YLS impacted your legal career? “The YLS provided a place for me to ‘grow up’ as an attorney. I was fortunate to meet some of my closest friends, find mentors, and develop my own legal network through the YLS. Without this network of friends, mentors, and colleagues, I would not be where I am today.” What is one thing you wish you would have known as a young lawyer? “Speak up if you have an idea and speak out if you see an injustice. We all know this, but it’s more a matter of having the confidence as a young lawyer.”

How has the YLS impacted your legal career? “The YLS impacted my career by expand- ing my network. I

skipped first round interviews for one of my jobs thanks to a volunteer I met in YLS.” What is your favorite memory of your time in the YLS? “Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the YLS. I have learned since that one of the rarest things for leaders to do that makes a difference is to celebrate their milestones. Becoming “over the hill” was a huge mile- stone for the industry! YLS matters!” Do you have any advice for young law- yers? “Find someone you want to emulate as early as possible, so you have a light to follow.”

Brandon Peck 2018-2019

Kathryn Liss 2016-2017

How has the YLS impacted your legal career? “One, starting out in my first or second year in practice and

How do you think the YLS has changed over time?

“The YLS continues to have great members and leaders who care and actively try to do good for our legal

participating in some of the committees, having those opportunities to meet people.

Matthew A. Passen 2015-16

Mary Curry 2013-14

Jonathan Amarilio 2017-18

Justin Heather 2011-12

Natacha D. McClain, 2012-13

Paul J. Ochmanek, Jr., 2014-15

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Jeffrey Moskowitz 2020-21

Octavio Duran 2019-20

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