CBA Record March-April 2021

CBA Committee & Seminars Update

By Jasmine Hernandez, CBA Record Editorial Board

Health Law Brad Dennis, partner at McDermott, Will, and Emery, discussed emerging trends in healthcare joint ventures at a recent meeting of the CBA’s Health Law Committee. Dennis discussed how joint ventures have increased as entities realize operational limitations, and the desire to build alliances to increase efficiencies and economies of scale. He addressed business, regulatory, and compliance issues, empha- sizing common regulatory and legal hurdles. In addition, Dennis explained joint venture structures and tax-exemption considerations. The presentation concluded with questions about the role and/or impact of unions in joint venture, ancillary joint ventures, and antitrust considerations. Members can view a recording of the presentation, “Healthcare Joint Ventures,” at (Archived com- mittee meetings do not receive IL MCLE credit). Join the Health Law Committee at to receive notice of future meetings. Health &Wellness Wellness, including setting boundaries, creating a workable schedule, the importance of food and exercise, and mental health was the focus of a CBA program presented by Erin Clifford. She noted that while wellness – mental and physical – is important in the best of times, it is crucial right now. About setting boundaries, Clifford encouraged attendees to use their “no” button and be honest with themselves. “If you don’t want to do it now, you won’t want to do it later.” She stressed the importance of a workable schedule – regardless of whether the setting is in a home office or traditional setting. Building even 30 minutes of movement time into a schedule may help delineate responsibilities and make sure individuals are not in one location or position all day. Clifford encourages any types of movement and being consistent in the activity, whether it is walking three days a week for 30 minutes a day or 20 minute HIIT classes. Another suggestion was to make movement a group effort; for example, create a team challenge that could help build camaraderie with colleagues. The session also examined mental health, especially the importance of seeking assistance and staying connected with family and friends. Clifford discussed mindfulness, meditation, and practicing gratitude. The presentation concluded with suggestions aimed at helping those who have experienced loss or who suffer from long term issues as a result of Covid-19. The benefits of grief counseling as well as actions to honor loved ones were covered. As a final takeaway, Cllifford encouraged attendees to take the guilt out of self-care, to take care of themselves, and to do things that lead to joy and fulfillment. “Young Practical Action Plan for Wellness in 2021” is available for viewing at (IL Mental Health/Substance Abuse PR-MCLE Credit).


Featured IL Courts Speakers: • Chief Justice Anne Burke • Justice Mary Jane Theis • Deanie Brown, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

April 27–29, 2021 12 – 2 p.m. CDT

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