CBA Record March-April 2020

YLS Special Issue: The Balanced Lawyer

have found that these glasses work better than applications on your computer or phone designed to filter blue light. My glasses are tinted specifically to signal to my body that it is time to sleep. I got them online for about $15. Not using your phone, tablet or com- puter before bed has another added benefit that most people do not think about: it reduces stress. Many of my patients read the news or do work-related tasks before bed which can stress them out. Most people struggle to turn off their brain after being stressed, which causes them to stay awake, which makes them feel even more stressed. It turns into a vicious cycle that affects work productivity and overall health. Not being on the phone or com- puter gives you a chance to decompress and prepare for the next day. If you absolutely cannot step away from your phone, com- puter or TV at least one hour before bed, I highly recommend investing in a pair of blue light filtering glasses. Having good mental and physical health not only helps your career, but it helps you as a person. You are in the best position to manage your own health and wellness. When offering complex client services, staying healthy as a practitioner is paramount. Carl Wharam, PT, DPT is a Health and Wellness Consultant. He frequently treats attorneys as part of his physical therapy prac- tice. He can be reached at Wharam.Carl@

are not good for you. The exception is homemade granola or trail-mix where you can control the level of sugar and fat. If you make your own trail mix, more power to you. It is cheaper and definitely healthier than store bought. Get 5 minutes more sleep a night. This is one tip that most of my patients are reluctant to do, but is easily one of the best things you can do. Getting more sleep speeds up recovery, improves your health and immune system, increases cognitive and problem-solving abilities, and helps you be more creative. People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to feel depressed or burned out, and are more likely to suffer from a litany of health problems including CVD, hypertension, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. All-in- all, getting more sleep can provide you with a host of benefits and help you avoid health problems you do not want as a promising young lawyer. One common reason for lack of sleep I hear from patients is “I don’t have the time.” My first question is often “how much time do you spend watching TV or scrolling through your phone?” Most of my patients report spending approximately one-two hours a night watchingTV, and at least an hour scrolling through their phone. Rededicating some of this time will allow you to get a little more sleep and accom- plish more at a faster pace in the workplace. One trick I learned in addition to turn- ing off all electronics or putting them on “Do Not Disturb” mode an hour before bed is using blue light filtering glasses. I

of which is to eat twelve donuts in a single sitting. The last time I tried I could only finish eight. Thirty minutes after I was done, bam! The sugar crash came, saw and conquered. I immediately had to nap because I could barely keep my eyes open. Many people put sugar in their morning coffee, then have a granola bar while sip- ping on a pop, followed by a mid-afternoon trip to the vending machine to get a bag of chips. These are just a few examples of how sugar infuses its way into our day. Not only does sugar cause crashes, which makes you need more sugar to stay focused, it causes you to consume excess calories. Sugar also causes inflammation in your arteries and veins, which is a key factor for developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). Inflammation is what makes the plaque and cholesterol stick to the arterial wall, causing hypertension (high blood pres- sure) and, consequently, CVD. Needless to say, it is hard to work when you are in the hospital recovering after a heart attack, struggling to sit up in bed, let alone walk 300 yards. Many vegetables tend to be anti-inflammatory foods which buffer you against unwanted inflammation and CVD. Cut up some peppers or carrots and take them with you to snack on. You could even buy a veggie tray and take a different vegetable to work each day. Just skip the dressing. I tell my clients all the time, “You are an adult. Eat your vegetables.” Many people ask why I don’t recommend eating granola bars. I have read too many nutrition labels and most granola bars are loaded with sugar or sugar substitutes, have trans fats, or contain other ingredients that

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