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July/August 2023 • Volume 37, Number 4


Editor’s Briefcase The Chatbot and Me by Justice Michael B. Hyman



President’s Page A Focus on Inclusion by Ray J. Koenig III


Meet Ray J. Koenig III by Ann Glynn


CBA 150th Anniversary Celebration: The Early Years, 1874-1899 by Lynn S. Kopon

8 CBA News 14 Chicago Bar

Foundation Report


Tips for Effective Appellate Advocacy by Illinois Appellate Court Justice Mathias W. Delort Vocational Pilgrimage: Looking Beyond Our Borders as Legal Professionals by John Clucas Sláinte! CBA CLE Abroad in Dublin, Ireland by Daniel Cotter

16 The Pulse 44 Nota Bene


Do Not Turn Verbs into Nouns by Kathleen Dillon Narko

46 LPMT Bits & Bytes Trauma, Stress and Lawyer Well-Being by Anne Haag 48 History Will Judge



Entitlement and Privilege: What Do You See? by Nina Fain 49 Summary Judgments


Honoring Our Legacy, Shaping Our Future by Martin D. Gould The Advantages and Dangers of AI Chatbots by Nelson Rosario


Justice of the Pies: Sweet and Savory Pies, Quiches, and Tarts + Inspirational Stories from Exceptional People by Maya-Camille Broussard Reviewed by Amy Cook


The Importance of Self-Care by Brian M. Bentrup


YLS Welcomes New Leadership at Annual Meeting by Ann Glynn

50 Practical Ethics

ABA Weighs in on Use of Nonlawyer Assistants by Trisha Rich

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Justice Michael B. Hyman Illinois Appellate Court

ASSOCIATE EDITOR Anne Ellis Proactive Worldwide, Inc.

The Chatbot and Me

T he May/June 2023 CBA Record featured one article and three columns on artificial intelligence, an enfant terrible destined to transform our professional and personal lives like nothing the world has ever seen. Artificial intelligence, especially chat bots, menaces the administration of justice, the rule of law, civil liberties, privacy, safety, security, and just about everything we do and know. So, I decided to see what all the chatter was about. I selected a subject I know like the back of my hand — me. Within a couple sec onds, the chatbot launched a short biographical sketch supposedly of Justice Michael B. Hyman. It got my name and position correct, both provided in my query. Beyond that, though, most of the information was inaccurate, false, or misleading. Under “Early Life and Education,” for example, I was told that I had “spent my for mative years in the city in Chicago,” my birthplace. Both untrue. That at a young age, I “exhibited a keen interest in law and justice.” Also untrue. That I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois and received my J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Both are untrue. According to the chatbot, I began my legal career as a law clerk for the Illinois Appel late Court. No, I started out as an Assistant Illinois Attorney General. Yet, “this experi ence provided him with valuable insights into the intricacies of appellate litigation and sharpened his legal acumen.” Probably, if it had happened. Also, where did the chatbot come up with my having “served as an adjunct professor at several law schools in the Chicago area”? Proof that chatbots hallucinate. Regarding my judicial career, no mention was made of my six-and-a-half years as a Circuit Court judge. As unsettling, the chatbot described three “notable decisions” it claimed I authored. Two cases do not exist, and the third, I was on the panel. The section titled “Notable Achievements and Contributions” contained generalities, no specifics. This is understandable since the wiseacre researched my background in two seconds. The one redeeming part of the narrative was the conclusion. The chatbot did not hold back, going uber-fawning. It recounted my “remarkable journey” to “a distinguished jurist on the Illinois Appellate Court” as “a testament to an unwavering dedication to justice.” Strike up “The Stars and Stripes Forever.” But there is more, “His legacy will undoubtedly inspire future generations of legal professionals and stand as a testament to the power of justice and integrity in our soci ety.” Besides repeating “testament,” I wish I could say that this humbled me beyond words, except these laudatory comments come from a heartless, soulless, mindless (in the human sense) mother-of-all calculating machines. Given that the legal system relies on fact and truth, chatbots currently represent an unreliable resource for accurate, up-to-date research and analysis. (And biography.) Nonetheless, artificial intelligence has been unleashed. Breakthroughs arrive not in years but in months. Indeed, a former Google executive believes that in about 25 years, AI will be a billion times as intelligent as humans. Even if the proportion is 10 million, the effect will be earth-shaking. We have choices: fear it, fight it, face it, embrace it, or control it. Which option do you choose?

SUMMARY JUDGMENTS EDITOR Daniel A. Cotter Howard and Howard Attorneys PLLC YLS JOURNAL EDITORS Jacob B. Berger Tabet DiVito & Rothstein LLC Nikki Marcotte Tabet DiVito & Rothstein LLC Carolyn Amadon Samuel, Son & Co. Daniel J. Berkowitz Aronberg Goldgehn Amy Cook Amy Cook Law LLC Nina Fain Janet Sugerman Schirn Family Trust Anthony F. Fata Kirby McInerney LLP Clifford Gately Quarles & Brady Judge Jasmine Villaflor Hernandez Circuit Court of Cook County Kaitlin King Hart David Carson LLP Theodore Kontopoulos Internal Revenue Service Lynn Semptimphelter Kopon Kopon LLC John Levin Kathryn C. Liss DePaul University College of Law Bonnie McGrath Law Office of Bonnie McGrath Clare McMahon Clifford Law Offices Kathleen Dillon Narko Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Alexander Passo Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC Adam J. Sheppard Sheppard Law Firm, PC Richard Lee Stavins Robbins DiMonte, Ltd. Rosemary Simota Thompson Hoffenberg & Block LLC Pamela Sakowicz Menaker

Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. Circuit Court of Cook County

THE CHICAGO BAR ASSOCIATION Sharon Nolan Director of Marketing

4 July/August 2023

2023 Flash Fiction

Creative Writing Contest

Open Call to CBA Members: Submit Your Flash Fiction Today! The Editorial Board of The CBA Record invites and encourages CBA members to participate in a Flash Fiction Creative Writing Contest. Do you have a story waiting to be told? Or are you just tired of footnotes and citations? If so, this is the contest for you!

Who? CBA members, including law students (excluding CBA board and officers, CBA staff and CBA Record editorial board members). What? Flash Fiction (1200 words or less) writing contest for CBA members. Topics do not need to be related to the legal field but must be original works, rated PG, and previously unpublished. Use of ChatGPT or similiar AI prohibited. The CBA will retain nonexclusive rights to all materials published by the CBA. Finally, no more than two submissions per person, please. Note, the previous year winner(s) is not eligible to participate as they are asked to serve as a competition judge. When & Where? Submit your story and by-line by September 1, 2023 to

Why? Win a fabulous prize and a fun way to flex your creative muscles! The first prize winner will have their work published in The CBA Record and receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Second and third place winners will have their work published on the CBA’s website/ The CBA Record online edition! How? Submissions will be judged by members of the CBA Record editorial board and a “celebrity” judge (TBA), will assist in judging the final round. Writers are asked to adhere to the CBA Writer’s Guidelines found at The CBA Record editorial board will make the final decision regarding publication of any piece submitted. For any further questions, please send your inquiry to



The Chicago Bar Association

President Ray J. Koenig III

First Vice President John C. Sciaccotta

Those experiences provided me opportu nities to make the connections necessary to build the practice and network I enjoy today. This inclusion, in its truest sense, brought me invaluable understanding of how things work. Inclusion is so much more to me than part of an acronym We have all heard of DEI: diversity, equity, and inclusion. I think the legal profession has made, and continues to make, strong efforts to create a diverse workforce. But hiring folks from diverse backgrounds is only the first step on the way toward equity and true success. The second step is inclusion. Inclusion ensures that everyone has access to the same opportunities and is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their back ground or individual differences. Inclusion in the legal profession is criti cally important. It offers: 1. Diverse perspectives and improved outcomes: The legal profession inter prets and applies the law to a wide range of situations. Including a diverse group of lawyers with different life experiences at the decision-making table will lead to a richer and more nuanced understand ing of legal issues. 2. Access to justice: Inclusion in the legal profession can help marginalized com munities understand and access the justice system in proactive ways. When people see lawyers who look like them and come from similar backgrounds, they may be more likely to seek legal assistance when they need it. 3. Professional development: Inclusion in the legal profession is important for the professional development of lawyers. When lawyers are exposed

Second Vice President Kathryn C. Liss

Secretary Trisha Rich Treasurer Nina Fain

Immediate Past President Timothy S. Tomasik

Executive Director Beth McMeen

I am beyond thrilled to lead the CBA into our 150th year and to serve as our association’s first openly gay president. Over these 150 years, the CBA has worked tirelessly to make sure our leadership has been representative and inclusive of the attorneys and communities we serve. This year, we will focus on inclusion. Let me share with you what inclusion means to me. As a first-generation college and law school graduate, the son of a single mom from blue-collar Michigan, it’s pretty unlikely that I’d be the one writing this article as President of the CBA. I am here thanks to more senior and influential attorneys who practiced inclusion. These attorneys, all of whom were CBA members, included me in meet ings with existing clients, referral sources, potential clients, civic and bar leaders – you name it. They did not just hire me to make a more diverse workforce, they took the next step and invited me to a seat at the table. They included me, as the musical Hamilton made famous, in the “room where it happens.”

BOARD OF MANAGERS Louis G. Apostol Tracy Brammeier Margaret Mendenhall Casey Naderh Elrabadi Anthony F. Fata Josie Gough Cynthia S. Grandfield Brian Haussmann Justice Margaret Stanton McBride Peter McNamara John Mitchell Jeffrey Moskowitz Judge Mary Rowland

Eirene N. Salvi Brendon Stark Kevin Thompson

Judge Allen P. Walker Matthew P. Walsh II

6 July/August 2023

to a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, they can learn and grow in their own careers. On the flip side, when individuals and groups are excluded, feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, and decreased produc tivity can grow. Exclusion also deprives society generally, and the profession spe cifically, of talent, inspiration, and genius. Therefore, inclusion is essential for cre ating a just and equitable society where everyone can reach their full potential. Inclusion makes all lawyers feel like they belong – because they do. The 150th anniversary year of the CBA promises many wonderful things, and we have much to celebrate. That celebration is being ably led by Judge Nichole Patton and former CBA Executive Director Terry Murphy. Visit for more information, reflections, fun facts, volunteer opportunities, and to register for our events. Diverse perspectives are essential to the spirit of inclusion, and that’s why As we move toward a world of inclusion, we also must reflect on and honor our history

the annual CBA CLE Abroad trip is so important. This year’s trip to Ireland was hugely impactful for me and everyone else who joined; I hope that next year’s trip to Mexico City will come close to that level of impact. Why Mexico City? 1. Mexico City and Chicago have strong economic ties, with trade totaling bil lions of dollars each year. 2. Both cities boast vibrant arts and cul tural scenes and have a rich cultural exchange. 3. Mexico City and Chicago are sister cities, with formal partnerships to pro mote cultural and economic ties. 4. Several educational exchange programs exist between Mexico City and Chi cago, which provide opportunities for students and educators to learn from each other. I hope you can join us for the trip in March – more details to come. In the spirit of inclusion, I want to thank some folks who helped me on my way I share my unending gratitude for my Shifting Tax Landscape With potential tax increases on the horizon, tax-intelligent investing has never been more important. Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors have access to many of the industry’s leading tax management solutions to help you save more of your wealth in a dynamic tax environment. Tax-efficient investing, all year long. Contact me to learn more.

mother, Deborah, who provided sta bility and guidance at an early age and throughout my life; my daughters, Grace and Addy, who make me proud every day and make my heart sing; and my hus band Johnny, whose enormous sacrifices and support have provided the stability I needed to focus on my career. Some of the people who have truly included me at many stages of my career, from 1999 to today, deserve my thanks as well. Those people include my friends and those who nominated me for CBA leader ship; my colleagues at my law firm, Clark Hill; the members of the Chicago-area probate community; and the many mem bers of the LGBTQ legal community, all of whom have raised me up and pushed me forward. Finally, thanks to Tim Tomasik, our outgoing president. He is a wonderful and visionary leader; I could not have asked for a better president and friend from whom to learn. Tim, I’ve got this, thanks to you. Not only will the 150th year of the CBA be our gayest year ever, but I also hope it will be our most inclusive!

Barbara J. Finder Executive Director Financial Advisor 227 W Monroe Street Suite 3400 Chicago, IL 60654 312-648-3555 the-finder-group

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC (“Morgan Stanley”) and its Financial Advisors and Private Wealth Advisors do not provide any tax/legal advice. Consult your own tax/legal advisor before

making any tax or legal-related investment decisions. © 2023 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC. TXP003 CRC 5408609 01/23 CS 632255-3213188 04/23







CBA Kicks Off 150th Anniversary Celebration at Annual Meeting By Ann Glynn, CBA Public Affairs Director

access to the same opportunities and is treated with dignity and respect, regard less of their background or individual dif ferences. It is essential for creating a just and equitable society where everyone can reach their full potential.” Koenig is a member of Clark Hill’s Lit igation and Tax & Estate Planning groups and has decades of experience involving trusts, probate, guardianships, and related fiduciary issues. He is the Managing Member of Clark Hill’s Chicago office, Co-Leader of the firm’s Global Litigation Practice, Co-Chair of the firm’s PRIDE Committee, and an elected member of the firm’s Executive Committee. He serves as a Commissioner for the City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations and a Trustee for the Illinois State Employee Retirement Systems. He is a member of the Board of Directors at the Illinois Insti tute for Continuing Legal Education and the Pride Action Tank Advisory Coun cil and was the immediate past Chair of the Board at Chicago House and Social Service Agency. New members of the 2023-2024 Board of Managers were introduced. They include Louis G. Apostol, Tracy Brammeier, Margaret Mendenhall Casey, Naderh Elrabadi, Anthony F. Fata, Josie Gough, Cynthia S. Grandfield, Brian Haussmann, Justice Margaret Stanton McBride, Peter McNamara, John Mitch ell, Jeffrey Moskowitz, Judge Mary Row land, Eirene N. Salvi, Brendon Stark, Kevin Thompson, Judge Allen P. Walker, and Matthew P. Walsh II. The event also featured opening remarks from Timothy Tomasik, recognition for outgoing officers and board members, reports from the CBA Treasurer and the Election Committee, and introductions of new officers and board members.

Outgoing President Timothy Tomasik passing the Lincoln Gavel of leadership to 2023 2024 CBA President Ray Koenig III.

T he CBA celebrated the 2022-2023 bar year at the annual meeting on June 29 at the Union League Club. The meeting highlighted the past year’s successes, welcomed a new group of officers, and looked ahead to the year long commemoration of the CBA’s 150th anniversary. Outgoing President Timothy S. Tomasik passed the gavel of leadership to the CBA’s first openly gay president, Ray J. Koenig III. Koenig was joined by a new slate of CBA Officers, including First Vice President John Sciaccotta, Partner, Aron berg Goldgehn; Second Vice President

Kathryn C. Liss, Executive Director, Schiller DuCanto and Fleck Family Law Center, DePaul University College of Law; Secretary Trisha Rich, Partner, Hol land & Knight; and Treasurer Nina Fain, Trust Counsel, JSS Family Trusts. Koenig shared that inclusion will be his focus for the upcoming bar year. “The legal profession has made, and continues to make, strong efforts to create a diverse workforce. But hiring folks from diverse backgrounds is only the first step on the way toward equity and true success. The second step is inclusion,” he remarked. “Inclusion ensures that everyone has

8 July/August 2023

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Newt Minow and the Public Interest: A Public Service Paragon By First Municipal Division Presiding Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr., Circuit Court of Cook County and CBA Record Editorial Board Member

Photo courtesy of Bill Richert Photography

W hat are we living for, Newt Minow would ask, but to serve. Over his lifetime, Newt wore many hats, and his commitment to service lined each one. He served his family, his country, his bar association, and the public through his vast and dedicated participation. While Newt served integral roles in globally recognized law firms, he was a prominent figure in the public sector as well. He served as a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Fred M. Vinson, worked on presidential campaigns, and chaired the Fed eral Communications Commission. As FCC chair, Newt famously stated that network television was a “vast wasteland.” Addressing members of the National Association of Broadcasters in 1961, he continued, I invite each of you to sit down in front of your television set when your station goes on the air and stay there, for a day, without a book, without a magazine, without a news paper, without a profit and loss sheet or a rating book to distract you. Keep your eyes glued to that set until the station signs off. I can assure you that what you will observe is a vast wasteland. Newt concluded his remarks that evening reiterating his com mitment to service, “Above all, I am here to uphold and protect the public interest.” Based on what I knew of Newt, he would demand we do the same today. I met Newt through a passion we shared, The Chicago Bar Association. I invited him to speak at my early-morning First Municipal Advisory Committee meeting and asked him what he meant when he said, “network television is a vast wasteland.” He replied, “television could do so much good, but the quality of the programming was not good.” The following tributes to Newt speak to his love and devotion to the law and service. The tributes reflect his peers’ and family’s profound respect and admi ration for him.

William Conlon, Sidley Austin LLP (retired); Mediator, CBA Mediation Service: Newt has been correctly described with every superlative; he was a mentor and dear friend. Just being in the room with Newt made you a better person. Craig Griffith, Sidley Austin LLP (retired); Independent Trustee, Bridge Builder: Newt was truly a humble giant. Generous with his time, he was always eager to question, listen, advise, and encour age. Every meeting with Newt left me uplifted and more enlight ened. I am blessed to have known a true American hero. Martha Minow, Harvard Law School: The public side: Newt Minow led a consequential life marked by public service and wise advice to many. He helped launch the Public Broadcasting Ser vice, the Presidential Debate Commission, and engaged in more acts of leadership and advising than are easily named. He served on boards dealing with medicine, education, public policy, and corporate reform. And he received the Presidential Medal of Free dom from Barack Obama. The private side: We who were lucky enough to be in his family know his profound devotion to friends and family members, his ceaseless curiosity about other people and about the world, and his continual generosity and kindness. He made friends with people he met in an elevator, a taxi. The father of my childhood was our jungle gym; he invited us to be critics of early educational TV and of politicians and more. He organized trips to the playground. The father of our teen years listened, asked our views, and made dates to watch Mary Tyler Moore on Saturday nights when no one my age asked me on a date. He and our mother, Josephine Baskin Minow, gave their chil dren the example of a true marriage of equals. Dad loved to tell funny stories, and he laughed the hardest even at his own jokes. He loved, loved, loved his family. We are working to move from grief to gratitude for his extraordinarily meaningful life.

Minow was a 2002 recipient of the CBA’s Justice John Paul Stevens Award.

10 July/August 2023


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More than ever the CBA remains committed to helping you keep on top of practice changes and connected to your peers, legal experts, and business leaders. We hope that over the last year you have felt more supported, connected, and knowledgeable because of your CBA membership through our free seminars, practice area commit tee meetings, live networking events, client communication tips, wellness resources, career/job search programs and more. The CBA will continue to adapt to new realities and technologies to provide you with relevant and timely resources. We are also now planning more in-person and hybrid events where we can gather to recon nect and support each other. Over the summer, all members are asked to review/change their committee assignments for the new bar year via the online commit tee sign up form at All committee members will remain on their current assignments unless they make changes to their committee record. We invite members who are not currently serving on committees to get active this year. A complete description of all CBA and YLS committees, along with their meeting dates and new leadership information, is available at Most committee meetings qualify for free Illinois MCLE credit. The amount of credit depends on the length of the presentation (average credit is 0.75 hours). Most committee meetings are webcast live so you can earn free credit without leaving your office or home (only live webcasts count for credit, not archived meetings). Plus, CBA members can If you are not receiving regular emails from the CBA, please take a moment to update your member profile online, call 312-554-2000, or send an email to including your name, phone, email address and CBA member number. Email is our primary way to communicate with you, and we don’t want you to miss out on important announcements including: • The CBA e-Bulletin every Thursday highlights the following week’s committee meetings and speakers, plus upcoming seminars, networking events and important news about the Association and new member benefits and savings. Wanted: CBA Member Email Addresses

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 Financial and Emerging Tech (As Called)  Financial Institutions (2nd Wednesday)  Food & Beverage Law (3rd Monday/EOM)  Futures & Derivatives Law (3rd Wednesday)  Gaming Law (2nd Friday, Quarterly)  Health Law (3rd Tuesday/EOM)  Immigration & Nationality Law (3rd Thursday/ EOM)  Insurance Law (1st Wednesday/EOM)  Intellectual Property Law (4th Tuesday/EOM)  International & Foreign Law (2nd Tuesday)  Labor & Employment Law (2nd Wednesday/ EOM)  LGBTQA+ Committee (4th Wednesday)  Local Government (1st Wednesday)  Media & Entertainment (4th Monday/EOM)  Mental Health & Disability Law (1st Tuesday)  Municipal and Law (1st Wed./8:00 a.m. and 3rd Thursday/12:00 p.m./Off-site)  Probate Practice (3rd Tuesday)  Real Estate Taxation (1st Thursday)  Residential Property Law (2nd Wednesday/ EOM/Subcommittee Assignments Vary)  Regulatory & Compliance (4th Thursday/EOM)  Securities Law (3rd Thursday/EOM)  Social Security Law (3rd Thursday)  Sports Law (3rd Thursday/EOM)  State & Local Tax (3rd Wednesday, Quarterly)  Tort Litigation (3rd Wednesday)  Trade & Professional Associations Law (2nd Tuesday)  Trial Practice (3rd Tuesday/EOM)  Trust Law (2nd Monday)  Workers’ Compensation (1st Thursday/EOM)

 Creative Arts (2nd Friday)  Criminal Law (2nd Tuesday)  Education Law (3rd Friday)  Environmental Law (1st Tuesday)  Estate Planning (1st Monday)  Family Law (1st Thursday)  Federal Tax (4th Tuesday)  Health & Hospital Law (3rd Tuesday)  In-House Counsel (1st Friday)  Intellectual Property Law (4th Friday)

 Labor & Employment Law (2nd Wednesday)  Law & Debate Club (1st Wednesday/5:30 p.m.)  Law Student (As Called)  Public Service/Wills for Heroes (As Called)  Public Service/Serving Our Seniors (2nd Monday)  Real Estate Law (3rd Monday)  Social (As Called)  Tort Litigation (4th Thursday)

 Transactional Law (4th Monday)  Women in the Law (3rd Thursday)

Name _________________________________________________________ CBA Member Number ___________________________________________ Firm _________________________________________________________ Business Phone _______________________________________________ Address/Suite __________________________________________________ Fax Number __________________________________________________ City/State/Zip___________________________________________________ E-mail Address ________________________________________________ All members may serve on 4 Practice Committees, 4 YLS Committees and an unlimited number of Service Committees. For Special Committees, email areyes@ stating your interest and background. Check the committees you wish to join and complete form. Mail to Awilda Reyes at 321 South Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL 60604 or email to Questions? Call 312-554-2134. You can also sign up online at



Chicago Bar Foundation Report

The CBF Justice Entrepreneurs Project: 10 Years of Building Community and Access By Samoane Williams, Director, Justice Entrepreneurs Project

E very day, thousands of individuals throughout Illinois face legal problems but struggle to find affordable legal help. While many make too much to qualify for free legal ser vices from legal aid organizations, they also feel priced out of the traditional legal market based on the billable hour. Recognizing a growing need for affordable legal services among middle income people, particularly following the great recession of 2008, The Chicago Bar Foundation responded by developing the Justice Entrepreneurs Project. Through the JEP, the CBF harnessed the power of experimentation and innovation to respond to this sig nificant gap for those in the underserved middle market. The JEP is a legal incubator empowering lawyers to lead socially conscious law firms and innovative businesses. During an 18-month program, participants receive training, mentoring, and coaching on substantive areas of law as well as business development and related topics as they start and grow their own solo and small practices. Over 60 attorneys have graduated from the program since the JEP welcomed its first cohort in June 2013. These lawyers are com mitted to providing client-centered and high-quality legal services while also emphasizing approachability and collaboration between attorney and client.

but the idea of doing so seemed daunting. Without the JEP, I would not have been able to start my firm. It provided the busi ness know-how, tools, and mentorship to help me realize my goal. I’m grateful to the JEP for that.”

Garrett Thomas Garrett Thomas, owner of the Law Office of Garrett Thomas, LLC, focusing on criminal and quasi-crim inal matters, was a participant in the fifth cohort. He joined the JEP in May 2015, having never previously practiced law or run a business. “The JEP provided an invaluable ecosystem Ashley Rodriguez Ashley Rodriguez, founder and prin cipal attorney at Second Chance Law LLC, started the program in May 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Her practice focuses on criminal defense matters and canna bis offense expungement. Rodriguez came to the JEP searching for sup

to launch a practice for a new attorney. The support it provided, the training, the subsidies, were vital. I don’t know that it would have been possible to [launch a successful firm] without the JEP.”

Mitha Rao One such attorney is Mitha Rao. Rao is the founder and managing attorney of Rao Legal, LLC, through which she provides business counseling and estate planning and administration services. Rao was part of the JEP’s May 2019 cohort. “After six and a half years in legal practice, I discov

port to create a successful law business but gained much more. She was in the JEP’s first fully remote cohort. Despite not having the in-person training and opportunities to engage with the broader network more directly, Rodriguez still identifies the JEP community as one the biggest benefits of the program. The JEP community is “close knit and everyone is willing to help each other,” she said. Thomas shares Rodriguez’s sentiments regarding the impact of

ered that the traditional legal model didn’t align with my person ality or values,” she said. “Joining the JEP enabled me to pivot my career in a direction that was more aligned with my personal growth and satisfaction. I wanted to build my own legal practice,

14 July/August 2023

the JEP community. “The JEP is our sup port system. It is our sounding board. It is our source of information about all types of things.” Rodriguez specifically noted that the JEP is a pioneer in the legal community when it comes to providing opportunities for attorneys from diverse backgrounds to create thriving careers. The network is more than 50% non-White, and boasts lawyers from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, socioeco nomic statuses, and geographic locations. The JEP also sets itself apart by focus ing on offering accessible legal services to the middle market. The JEP is a leader in cultivating a legal community that does not charge by the hour. Rodriguez offers flat fees and payment plans to make her services more acces sible. Clients involved in the criminal jus tice system often do not have the money or credit to get the representation they deserve. Thomas prides himself on being trans parent, including with his fees. Thomas charges flat fees by phase of the case,

allowing his clients to plan and budget ahead of time. He also focuses on set ting realistic expectations for clients from the outset. “It’s like when you go to the doctor,” Thomas said. “The doctor may be brilliant, but you may still walk away feel ing like you didn’t have a good experience. The same is true in this context. People want you to be a human being first and their lawyer second. If you can do that, and still get a positive outcome for them, then that is something they will always remember.” Like her fellow JEPers, Rao also offers creative and predictable fee arrangements. She also relies on technology to reduce clients’ legal spending while creating additional bandwidth to serve more cli ents. She has further prioritized making legal information accessible to under served communities by creating content and materials to empower and inform legal consumers. Thomas has likewise leveraged technol ogy and the support of the broader JEP community to create a law practice that allows him to fully serve his clients while

also traveling the world. From Costa Rica to Thailand, he continues to be accessible and available to his clients, even conduct ing virtual trials from abroad. As the JEP celebrates its 10-year anni versary, we regularly evaluate how best to meet the needs of both legal consumers and the lawyers who are invested in serv ing everyday people through innovative means. Over the past decade, the JEP has established itself as a national leader in this work, helping other programs rep licate its practice models and spreading innovations throughout the broader legal market. “When the JEP was originally con ceived, it was an agent of change in a community that followed a traditional legal model. Today, there are more firms following this model. It has successfully cemented its position as a mainstream alternative to the traditional legal model,” Rao said. For Thomas, the JEP “helps to bridge a gap that really nothing else has been able to do in terms of getting more people represented who otherwise might not be able to have a lawyer.”

Actuarial Pension Valuations • All Illinois Public Retirement Plans • Private Plans • Military and Federal (CSRS/FERS) • Non-Qualified Plans • Survivor Benefits • QILDRO Income Stream Estimates

John C. Madden (925) 258-7100


ebration is underway. You can visit www. to view upcoming special events and CLE, enjoy historical factoids and personal reflections from longtime members, and more. I would also like to personally thank the planning committee that has worked tirelessly for the past two years to make this celebra tion so special: Aurora Austriaco, Laurel Bellows, Daniel Berkowitz, Tracy Bram meier, Margaret Mendenhall Casey, Jeannine Cordero, Daniel Cotter, Alexis Crawford Douglas, Steven Elrod, Martin Gould, E. Lynn Grayson, Judge Robert Harris, David Hilliard, Ray Koenig, Daniel Kotin, Terri Mascherin, Maureen Mullen, Terrence Murphy (Co-Chair), Judge Nichole Patton (Co-Chair), John Sciaccotta, Larry Suffredin, Timothy Tomasik, Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. and Kenya Jenkins-Wright . Justice John Paul Stevens Award Nominations for the Association’s 2023 Justice John Paul Stevens Award are due August 7. The CBA established the award in 2000 to honor lawyers and judges whose careers emulate the integrity and commitment to public service of Justice Stevens, who was a lifelong member of The Chicago Bar Association. Mail nomi nations to Beth McMeen at bmcmeen@ Legislative Update The CBA’s legislative 2022-2023 agenda included several sponsored pieces of legislation. The CBA’s Adoption Com mittee proposed HB3101 intending to correct several procedural problems with the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protec tion Act (Safe Haven Act), under which relinquishment of a newborn can be made to a hospital, fire station, police station, or emergency medical facility without criminal liability for abandonment. The proposal was incorporated into SB1999, which passed both houses. The CBA’s Real Estate Tax Deed Com mittee proposed several bills. HB2162 permits the court to retain jurisdiction of a case to enter orders allowing additional time for tax purchasers to record a tax


The CBA and the CBF hosted a community legal fair with 40+ bar associations and legal aid organizations committed to improving access to justice and supporting Chicago land’s legal community. The fair kicked off the CBA’s yearlong celebration of our 150th anniversary. From left to right: First Vice Chair of the YLS Martin Gould, Romanucci and Blandin; CBF Executive Director Bob Glaves, 150th Anniversary Committee Co-Chair; Circuit Court of Cook County Judge Nichole Patton; Chicago Bar Foundation 1st Vice President Kenya A. Jenkins-Wright, Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission; CBA Executive Director Beth McMeen; and outgoing CBA President Timothy Tomasik, Tomasik Kotin Kasserman.

2023 CBA Leadership and Board of Managers

2023 YLS Leadership Martin Gould will helm the Young Lawyers Section for the 2023-24 bar year. He will be joined by First Vice-Chair Ken neth Matuszewski, Second Vice-Chair Gavin Phelps , Member Services Manager Kernisha Padilla, Public Service Manager Theodore Kontopolous, Project Offi cer Aleksandra Petrovic, Project Officer Stephanie Moon, Secretary/Treasurer Alexander Passo, YLS Journal Co-Edi tor-in-Chief Jacob Berger, YLS Journal Co-Editor-in-Chief Nikki Marcotte, Co-Editor of the YLS Blog Brian Ben trup, Co-Editor of the YLS Blog Teresa Dettloff, and Immediate Past Chair Daniel Berkowitz . YLS Directors include Sarah Chowdhury, Bianca Ciarroni, Michelle DiSilvestro, Joshua Epstein, Andre Hunter, Kaitlin King, Michael Kozlowski, and Blake Kolesa . 150th Anniversary Celebration The Association’s 150th anniversary cel

Ray J. Koenig III succeeded Timothy S. Tomasik as the CBA’s new president at the Association’s 150th Annual Meeting in June. John C. Sciaccotta moved up to First Vice President, Kathryn C. Liss moved up to Second Vice President, and Nina Fain will serve another year as the Association’s Treasurer. Trisha Rich joins the Executive Committee as the newly elected Secretary. Outgoing President Timothy Tomasik will remain on the Executive Committee for the new bar year. Members of the Board of Managers for 2023-24 include: Judge Louis G. Apostol, Tracy Brammeier, Mar garet Mendenhall Casey, Naderh Elrabadi, Anthony F. Fata, Josie Gough, Cynthia S. Grandfield, Brian Haussmann, Justice Margaret Stanton McBride, Peter McNa mara, John Mitchell, Jeffrey Moskowitz, Judge Mary Rowland, Eirene N. Salvi, Brendon Stark, Kevin Thompson, Judge Allen P. Walker and Matthew P. Walsh II.

16 July/August 2023

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