CBA Record Jan-Feb 2021

requirement for all employers with more than one employee established by the Illinois Human Rights Act. If you have any questions regarding the Task Force or would like more information, contact Kathryn at CBA Insurance Agency can shop to many top-rated insurance companies to find the best combination of coverage and pric- ing for your law firm. Price estimates are always free. Whether you are looking for a brand-new policy or your firm currently has coverage, consider receiving a free price estimate fromCBA Insurance Agency. Visit insurance or email CBA Insurance Agency Vice-President Tyler Sill at tsill@chica- to learn more. CBA Legislation Agenda The CBA is actively involved in the Illinois legislative process. In addition to the Asso- ciation’s Sponsored Legislative program, CBA committees review non-sponsored legislation and make recommendations to the Legislative Committee as to whether the CBA should support or oppose legisla- tion. Each year, the Association’s Legislative Committee, with approval of the Board of Managers, takes positions in support of or opposition to hundreds of proposed bills. The Association’s two outstanding legisla- tive counsels, Larry Suffredin and Tom Suffredin , represent the CBA’s interest in the General Assembly and, when needed, schedule members to testify for or against proposed legislation in Springfield. The Board of Managers approved sup- porting sponsored legislation this year that includes: (1) an Adoption Law Commit- tee proposal to amend 750 ILCS 50/2 to eliminate procedural barriers to the adop- tion of an adult by a former stepparent; (2) a Trust Law Committee proposal for a trailer bill to the Illinois Trust Code that seeks to correct nominal errors and clarify provisions that were found to be confus- ing; (3) a Legal Aid Committee proposal to amend 735 ILCS5/21-101-3 to simplify, streamline, and make more accessible the process by which someone legally changes their name in Illinois; and (4) Social Secu- rity LawCommittee proposed amendments to 735 ILCE 5/8-2001 that will expand the definition of “health care worker” to Request a Complimentary Legal Malpractice Insurance Quote


CBA President Maryam Ahmad, along with the Illinois Judges Association’s United States Supreme Court Jurisprudence Study Group, led a one-hour “Fast and Furious” review of six cases decided during the U.S. Supreme Court’s most recent term. Members who missed the seminar can watch the free, on-demand version at Participating panelists included (pictured from the top row left): Illinois Appellate Court Justice Michael B. Hyman; Judge Ron Spears (Ret); Judge Adrienne E. Davis, Cook County Circuit Court; Judge Patrice Ball-Reed, Cook County Circuit Court; Judge Brett N. Olmstead, Circuit Court of Champaign County; and Judge William H. Hooks, Cook County Circuit Court.

Over 40 Mediators on New CBA Service The CBA’s newMediation Service is up and running with over 40 attorneys now on our roster of neutrals. The service is designed to provide mediations that are efficient, effec- tive, economical, and fair. The parties, who must be represented by counsel, can expect a good chance of resolution under the supervision of an experienced CBA media- tor. To participate as a mediator in the service, you must be a CBA member with at least 10 years of practice experience and have completed a comprehensive mediation training course. The service is structured to meet the needs of a wide range of clients in areas such as personal injury, family law, commercial, subrogation, and real estate. Parties can resolve their disputes before or after a court filing with a CBAmediator. To apply for or learn about the service, please visit Sexual Harassment and Abuse Task Force Formed The CBA has launched a newTask Force on

Sexual Harassment and Abuse to examine and make recommendations regarding judicial and firm policies on sexual harass- ment and assault within the workplace. The group will be chaired by current CBA Board of Managers member and former Young Lawyers Section Chair Kathryn C. Liss , Executive Director of the Schiller DuCanto & Fleck Family Law Center and Assistant Director of Law Career Services at DePaul University. The Task Force has created three sub- committees: (1) Judicial and Firm Policy, which will examine judicial and f irm policies on sexual harassment and assault within the workplace and make recom- mendations regarding those policies; (2) Supreme Court Rule Review, which will propose modified language to Rules 5.1 and 8.4 of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct; and (3) Education, which will focus on sexual harassment training and education. In that regard, the Task Force sent an email to all members in December regarding the new mandatory annual sexual harassment prevention training

16 January/February 2021

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