CBA Record July-August 2021

how to share their screen, how to use the chat (whose confusing interface can result in even well-seasoned users send- ing messages to the wrong person), etc. Communicate how early they should arrive before a meeting and discuss security standards, such as not posting the meeting link publicly. 8. Do not overuse Zoom. The “meeting that could have been an email” dynamic still applies to Zoom meetings. Know when to pick up the phone or just write an email. 9. Lastly, do not judge too harshly. Yes, most of us are no longer operating from a place of crisis. However, life still hap- pens, and technology is far from perfect. An internet outage a short time ago resulted in me teaching a seminar from a car, borrowing Wi-Fi from a public library. Know when people are trying their best. If nothing else, hopefully the pandemic provided us all with a sense of perspective.

LPMT BITS & BYTES BY ANNE HAAG What YouMight Still BeMissing About Zoom

A s Chicago fully reopens for the first time since March 2020 and life begins to return to a relative state of pre-pandemic normalcy, Zoom seems unlikely to disappear overnight. Though videoconferencing platforms may cease to be our only options for meeting with staff or clients, they – along with remote work – are likely here to stay. Zoom allows you to meet with clients or members of your firm in a convenient way that allows for a more personal connection than a phone call. You should continue to utilize the tool when appropriate. But what tips and tricks might you still be missing about the popular platform? 1. Upgrade to a paid account if you have avoided it thus far. If you have still been coasting on a free account, it is time to forfeit. Paid accounts offer better secu- rity, admin controls, and more features, but really the upgrade is worth it for encryption alone. This is not the area in which to skimp. Make sure everyone at your firm has access to a paid account. 2. Always make sure you are running the most recent version. Zoom regularly releases updates that address security issues or include new tools and features. To make sure you are up to date, sign into the Zoom desktop app. Click your profile picture, then click “Check for Updates.” If there is a newer version, Zoom will download and install it. 3. Do not move your laptop once you are in the meeting. Of course, there Anne Haag is the CBA’s Law Practice Management Advisor, a certified crisis intervention counselor, and a volunteer withResilience as a trauma- informed ER advocate for sexual assault survivors.

are occasions where this cannot be avoided, but I have been surprised by how frequently I encounter it. Don’t make the other people in your meeting feel like they have vertigo (some of us already do and don’t need any help in that department!). 4. Blur your background. Opinions about virtual backgrounds will vary, but I find them more distracting than the messy background you are hoping to obscure. Blurring your background is a good compromise, and the virtual effect is less volatile than the virtual backgrounds that tend to glitch whenever you move in front of them. If you insist on using a virtual background, choose something professional – maybe even a background branded with your firm logo. To blur your background while in a meeting, click the “choose virtual background” button and select the blur feature. 5. Resolve your lighting issues once and for all. We have all been making do with our environments for some time now, but it is getting harder to excuse signing into Zoom while backlit by a window. Make sure your lighting source is bright and located in front of you and be mindful of glare. 6. Buy the hardware that was sold out last April. Now that supply chain scarcity is less of an issue, it might be time to upgrade your microphone, speakers, or camera. Make sure everyone at your firm has the equipment they need to perform effectively in Zoom meetings. 7. Distribute a list of best practices to all members of your firm so they know what is expected of them on internal and external Zoom meetings. Make sure everyone knows how to use the platform effectively: they should know


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