CARtoons Magazine Issue #40 2022


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Cover by: Mike Yapps

3. Deuce & Pinstripe - George Trosley 5. FNA Adventures - Chuck Carson/Ray Rodriguez 7. Passing On - Paul B. Townsend 10. Crankenstein - John Deaton 14. CARbingo - Greg Panneitz 15. Sketch Notes - Steve Austin 17. Rust In Peace (BOB) - Cam Hayden 20. Cutaway - Steve Austin 22. Nutz & Bolts - Mike Yapps 25. Noodles - Matt Smith 27. Spot the Difference - Marcus Mitchell 28. Krass & Bernie - George Trosley 35. Small Wonder - Pete Millar 36. Initial D-For Dream - Shane O’Brien 41. My Achy Breaky Studebackie - Jeff Slemons 45. Nitro Billy - Ben “Drag Daddy” Mitchell 46. Monkey Beach Party - Weird Joe Krejci 49. Trosley’s Sketchbook - George Trosley 51. What If? - Larry Williams 53. D. Deer & M. Moose - Demmans/Sylvestre

Picturesque Publishing

57. The Bear Mechanic - Bill Stanford 60. CARosswords - Marcus Mitchell 61. Lone Wolf - Matt Smith 62. Lightnin’ Dan - Myer Cooper 63. Service with a Smile - Thunder

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Special Guest: Constance Nunes Mini Poster by Dan Falconer

CARtist Guest Spotlight on Andreas Somogyi by Chet “Jasper” Reams - Pg. 32, 33 & 39

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