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DE KLOMP WOODEN SHOE + DELFTWARE FACTORY 12755 Quincy St • (616) 399.1900 •

For a double Dutch diversion, visit the De Klomp Wooden Shoe + Delft Factory!

“De klomp” translates to “wooden shoe,” and there is an amazing quantity of them available. Inhale the scent of fresh poplar and watch as shoes are carved on machines imported from the Netherlands. Take home a pair for a tiny doll, tween, or husband with size 14 feet! Shoes in these sizes, and all those in between, can be customized with a name or initials or just about anything you can imagine. Why not get a pair for yourself? Continue your factory tour to view the only delft production facility in North America. Watch as liquid clay is poured into molds and fired at 2,000 degrees. Talk with artists as they hand-paint Dutch designs and glaze the finished product. Admire over 400 authentic blue and white delft pottery pieces made in the factory – from miniature shoes to jewelry boxes to stunning vases, the variety will amaze you. Be sure to call for demonstration times or just come and admire a selection of 800+ items from around the world, including 50+ varieties of cookies, pastries, and candies. Entrance to the factory is free. Holland’s only tulip farm is ablaze with acres of tulips from late April to mid-May. What began in 1950 as a hobby farm with 400 tulips is now a breathtaking spring display of over four million tulips for visitors to enjoy. Walk winding paths amongst tulip beds and relax on a bench with a view not to be missed. Varieties are marked, and you can note and order those you’d like in your own garden next spring. In addition to tulips, tens of thousands of daffodils, crocus, and hyacinths provide a palette of uninterrupted springtime color. Veldheer imports flowers from across the globe and has staff ready to help select such beauties as begonias and amaryllis to enhance your own landscape. Between June 1st and mid-October, visitors can experience Veldeer’s cultivated 10-acre garden featuring thousands of rare perennials including Dutch lilies. In a rural farm setting, Veldheer is a must visit for garden and floral enthusiasts. $ VELDHEER TULIP GARDENS (SEASONAL) 12755 Quincy St • (616) 399.1900 •

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Sara Cozolino

Sara Cozolino

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