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HOLLAND MUSEUM + DUTCH GALLERIES 31 W 10th St • (616) 796.3329 •

From the old country to the new world, the Holland Museum presents a distinctive collection of art and artifacts that tell the story of Holland’s rich history -- from the arrival of the Dutch in 1847 through our diverse ethnic heritage of today. Immerse yourself in stories of agricultural beginnings, developing local industry, Great Lakes ships, the Holland Fire, and much more. Don’t miss must-see artifacts such as the dog butter churner, Indonesian guardian statues, Dia de los Muertos painting, and the Southerner’s passenger list. Impressive gifts of Dutch culture received over the past three quarters of a century can be found in the Dutch Galleries. This extensive collection of art from the Netherlands dates from the 1600’s through 1900’s and includes the restored 1939 World’s Fair Clock. Explore the galleries and see how Dutch heritage has impacted our sense of identity and success. The museum also offers special hands-on learning opportunities. Currently, it is only one of 10 in the U.S. offering the Smithsonian Spark!Lab -- an ideal fit because the museum not only showcases Holland’s history of entrepreneurship and innovation, but also demonstrates how inventions can be part of Michigan’s future. $ Just a few blocks from the Holland Museum, the Cappon and Settlers Houses tell the story of Holland’s first mayor and our earliest working-class settlers. The Cappon House, an Italianate Victorian beautifully restored to its 1900 appearance, was once occupied by Isaac Cappon and his 16 children. Family members lived in the house until 1979, and many personal belongings and family photos remain. Visitors marvel at the home’s exquisite construction, wood workmanship, and period Michigan-made furniture. Just five doors down, the Settlers House offers a sharp contrast. This humble cottage was built in 1867 by Thomas Morrissey, a Canadian immigrant and ship’s carpenter. It survived the Great Holland Fire of 1871 and was home to a series of blue-collar families through the 1990’s. Artifacts from the area’s settlement period from 1845-1880 furnish this intriguing slice of Holland history. Tours are available by appointment only and begin at the Cappon Barn. To reserve your trip back in time through both homes, please contact Loren Harvey at Also check the website for seasonal events onsite. $ CAPPON HOUSE + SETTLERS HOUSE 228 W 9th St • (616) 796.3329 •

All Images Holland Museum

All Images Holland Museum


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