ALCO Catalog WC1


Snug Support Fills the gap between resident and armrest Effective for promoting proper sitting posture

Lap Top Cushion

Wheelchair Armrest Cushion Foam-padded and covered in nylon Velcro® fasteners for easy application 16" Full-Arm (Pair) AL-69326 $34.00 Pair 11" Half-Arm (Pair) AL-69327 $31.00 Pair

Polyfoam padded Covered in durable,wipe-clean vinyl For 16"-18"W Full-Arm Wheelchairs 4" Thick, w/Cutouts AL-62388 $34.00 2-1/2" Thick, w/Cutouts AL-62389 $34.00

Foam padded for resident comfort Covered in durable, wipe-clean nylon

16"L x 6"H (Front) x 15"H x 1.5" Thick AL-74420 $29.00 Each 16"L x 6"H (Front) x 15"H x 1.5" Thick AL-74421 $39.00 2 Pack

For Desk-Arm Wheelchairs 4" Thick

AL-62395 $34.00 AL-62396 $34.00

2-1/2" Thick

Head Positioner

Gel Calf Pad Provides support across the full width of chair Additional third strap on top keeps panel in desired position Easy to install with Velcro

Wheelchair Leg Pad

Designed to prevent hyperextension of the neck Attaches to all extended-back wheelchairs, geri-chairs, and recliners Cushioned with resilient foam Cover wipes clean for easy care

New E-Z clip buckles and straps simplify attachment Prevents resident’s feet from slipping off footrests Foam-padded, rigid-backed leg pad Serves as a leg pad when footrests are in the raised position Covered in durable, wipe-clean vinyl

AL-66889 $57.95 Each




AL-62378 AL-62379 AL-74422

$39.00 $39.00 $49.00

16" – 18"W 18" – 20"W 20" – 24"W

SofTop Wheelchair Lap Tray Provides cushioned posture support Covered in durable, wipe-clean vinyl Easy-open Velcro® closures Around-the-chair strap prevents resident from sliding forward 16"-18" Wheelchair AL-62386 $69.00 20"-22" Wheelchair AL-62387 $69.00 Bariatric Softop 24"-28" Wheelchairs AL-67801 $119.00

Wheelchair Wood-grain Tray features velcro straps for easy adjustment, fits all standard wheelchairs. Deluxe Wood-grain top has raised edge to prevent accidental spillage

AL-43979 $29.95

24" x 20" x1/4"

Economy Tempered Masonite Tray w/o Edge

AL-43981 $19.95


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