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Economy Diagnostic Kit Quality and value come together in this popular Diagnostic Kit from Riester. The battery handle, which operates on two C batteries (not included), utilizes a pin contact fitting for changing the multiple instrument heads included in the kit. A rheostat controls the level of light intensity provided by the incandescent lamps in the instrument heads. Kit includes: a chrome- plated Bent Arm Illuminator for lighting the oral cavity and pharyngeal area; two chrome-plated Laryngeal Mirrors sized 3.0mm and 4.0mm that attach to the Illuminator; a May Ophthalmoscope with lens wheel and correcting lens diopters ranging from -20 to + 20; a chrome- plated Nasal Speculum that manually opens and closes within a wide range; a chrome-plated Otoscope with removable cap, three reusable specula, swivel magnifying lens and an outlet for pneumatic testing; a chrome-plated Tongue Blade Holder that uses wooden or plastic tongue blades; and a traditional hard storage case.

Kit Includes

Battery Handle Laryngeal Mirrors Nasal Speculum Tongue Blade Holder

Bent Arm Illuminator May Ophthalmoscope


Storage Case



Riester Diagnostic Kit

Ri-scope® L2 Otoscope has fiber optics for optimal beaming and transmission of the light Metal fitting for universal specula’s Diopter wheel with 29 corrective lenses Includes: Hard case, reusable and disposable speculas and batteries

Diagnostic Set (Otoscope L2 3.5V, Ophthalmoscope L2 & AA-Handle) Diagnostic Set (Otoscope L2 3.5V, Ophthalmoscope L2 & C-Style Handle) Diagnostic Set (Otoscope L2 3.5V, Ophthalmoscope L2 & Plug-In Handle)







Latex Free

Pocket Aneroid Super shock-resistant—can withstand up to 60" drop (twice the AAMI “Shock Resistant" standard) and remain in calibration Jewel movement for long life

Laser-engraved dial face for accuracy Premium inflation system for comfort Lifetime calibration warranty Premium aesthetics Latex-free Gauge Only Gauge w/ Durable One-Piece Adult Cuff and Nylon Zipper Case Complete



AL-9006A AL-9006B

$209.95 $47.95

Small Nylon Zipper Case



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