ALCO Catalog P12

Air Pumps, Trapeze & Patient Transfer

Air-Pro Series® Pumps 110V, 60Hz electrical, UL and SA listed Cycle time 5 minutes, air output 5 liters 6 month warranty

Size Inches Cord ALCO Price


(L x W x H) Length Part No.


AL-57964 $112.00 AL-57966 $144.00

Pump w/AL-57969

9 x 4 x 3.5 6 ft.

Deluxe Pump w/AL-57969 10 x 5 x 4 12 ft. Deluxe Pump for use with heavier patients



AL-57965 $104.00 AL-57967 $120.00

Pump Only

9 x 4 x 3.5 6 ft. 10 x 5 x 4 12 ft.

Deluxe Pump Only

Air-Pro Series® Mattress Made of medical grade PVC material with Anti-Microbial, fire-retardant treatments Bubble style design with more touch points for effective weight distribution 6 month warranty Size End ALCO Price Inches Flaps Ventilated Part No. Each 35x79x2.5. No No AL-57968 $29.00 35x79x2.5 Yes No AL-57969 $32.00 35x79x2.5 Yes 36 Lasered Holes AL-57970 $44.00 35x79x3.75 Yes 36 Lasered Holes AL-57971 $105.00

Trapeze Bar & Base Silver Vein Finish


Mounts easily to metal frame headboards and fits most major manufacturers Heavy gauge two piece square steel tubing provides maximum support Easy to install without tools Easy to adjust height, length and horizontal position Can be shipped UPS

250 lb. Weight Capacity


AL-74760 AL-74761 AL-74762 AL-74763 AL-74764

$119.00 1/Cs $119.00 1/Cs $11.95 1/Cs

Trapeze Bar, Triangle, Chains & Clamps

Bar Only

Clamp for Trapeze Chain & Triangle Set

$15.95 1 Set/Cs

$89.00 Each

Trapeze Base

Headboard Mountable Bariatric Trapeze (not shown) Fits most manufacturers 600 lbs. weight capacity AL-65502 $959.00

Up To 600 Lbs. Weight Capacity

Super-Slings – Patient Transfer Facilitate patient transfer, lifting and positioning while reducing exposure to back injury Double-layer nylon construction for strength and durability Two-inch-wide nylon webbing for patient safety Friction-reducing bottoms that ease positioning and transfer Reinforced stitching at handles 4-Handle Super-Sling—250 lb. Cap. Designed for use by two caregivers 36" x 40" AL-67797 $59.00 8-Handle Super-Sling—500 lb. Cap. Designed for use by four caregivers 46" x 46" AL-67798 $79.00 12-Handle Super-Sling—500 lb. Cap. Designed for use by six caregivers Full body length 36" x 72" AL-67799 $99.00



"No-Lift" Bariatric Booster The "No-Lift" Booster (black) eases back strain by making the patient easier to move toward the headboard Position the patient on top of tube just as you would with a draw sheet and grab the reinforced edges of the top tube layer and slide it upward 46"W x 46"L AL-66253 Call


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