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Winged & Medical Mattresses


Easy Comfort R2 The high-density rails are designed to help contain patients within the mattress, while allowing staff to transfer the patient through side portals. The Ultracell™ high resiliency foam core provides the pressure reduction that assures reliable performance. It features a rip-stop zippered top and the HerculexII® vinyl bottom. Cover: NOVEX™ MONET BLUE

Easy Comfort R2 Mattress Color: Monet Blue


Cover Only


Price Each

5 Year Full Warranty

Dimensions 6" x 35" x 75" 6" x 35" x 80" 6" x 35" x 84"

Part No. AL-52380 AL-52381 AL-52382

$349.00 $349.00 $359.00

Novex Ultra DPC™ Cover ONLY Color: Green

2 Year Full Warranty


Price Each

Dimensions 6" x 35" x 75" 6" x 35" x 80" 6" x 35" x 84"

Part No. AL-52383 AL-52384 AL-52385


$179.00 $189.00 $189.00

Medical Mattress Novex Mattress Overlay Pads

Made from medium density polyurethane convoluted foam that is specially treated to be antimicrobial and flame retardant. Our patented Novex nylon top and vinyl bottom cover easily wipes clean and greatly extends the life of the product. Color: Navy Blue



Price Each

Dimensions 2" x 35" x 74" 2" x 35" x 80" 3" x 35" x 74" 3" x 35" x 80" 4" x 35" x 74" 4" x 35" x 80"

Part No. AL-49532 AL-49533 AL-49534 AL-49535 AL-49536 AL-49537

$85.00 $95.00 $99.00 $105.00 $109.00 $115.00

PRODIGY Mattress Overlay® Non-powered mattress overlay for individuals who are at risk for breakdown and/or have Stage I or Stage II ischemic ulcers Zoned. Three sections each 27" x 35" Air cells adjust to the shape and contour of the body Durable polyvinyl material 300 lb weight limit AL-69279 $179.00

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