ALCO Catalog P12

Pressure Reduction & Innerspring Mattresses


ALCO’s Support Guard Pressure Reduction Mattress High density 2.3 foam

Foam and cover meet all flame retardancy standards Tri-layered design for positioning and orthopedic support Specialized foot section includes super soft cube cut foam to offer maximum pressure reduction for the heels Middle section is cubed custom sliced to accommodate greater weight distribution in the scapular, torchanter and coccyx areas

250 lb Capacity

200 Denier ticking Cover color: Navy

5 Year Full Warranty

ALCO Price

Dimensions 6" x 35" x 75" 6" x 35" x 80" 6" x 35" x 84"

Part No.


AL-56900 $269.00 AL-56901 $279.00 AL-56902 $289.00

Pressure Scan Mapping (With 5’11", 195 lb. Male Supine Position)

Comfort Coil Supreme™ Mattress Superior Support

The Comfort Coil Supreme HR mattress is designed with a special low profile innerspring core. Our innerspring unit is constructed with a 480 count continuous coil. This low profile innerspring provides maximum orthopedic support and even weight distribution. Top and bottom foam layers feature our Ultracell™ high density, high resiliency foam that provide maximum pressure reduction and increased patient comfort. Color: Navy. ALCO Price Dimensions Part No. Each 6" x 35" x 75" AL-50456 $249.00 6" x 35" x 80" AL-50457 $259.00 6" x 35" x 84" AL-50458 $259.00 Our Comfort Coil Supreme CV™ mattress is made with top and bottom layers of our Flexi-Foam 2000™ high density, convoluted foam that provides effective pressure reduction and eliminates the need for foam overlay pads. Comes with the same low profile innerspring core described above. Color: Navy. ALCO Price Dimensions Part No. Each 6" x 35" x 75" AL-50459 $249.00 6" x 35" x 80" AL-50460 $259.00 6" x 35" x 84" AL-50461 $259.00 5 Year Full Warranty 5 Year Full Warranty


ALCO's Innerspring Mattress Polyurethane foam trappers and tubular fire barrier Cover is a 8.5oz vinyl ticking, fluid-proof, anti-bacterial and stain and tear resistant All ticking meets or exceeds NFPA 701 (Small Scale Test) Manufactured to meet Open Flame Testing Requirements of CPSC 16 CFR Part 1633 & CAL TB #129 ALCO Price Size Part No. Each 35"x75"x6" AL-40903 $159.00 35"x80"x6" AL-40904 $169.00 35"x84"x6" AL-40905 $179.00

Same as above except: 1. Insulator pad does not include specialized mesh woven back. 2. The units are multi-layered with 1.25" high density toppers. ALCO Price Size Part No. Each 35"x75"x6" AL-40900 $139.00 35"x80"x6" AL-40901 $149.00 35"x84"x6" AL-40902 $159.00


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