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Anti-Rollback & Safety Brakes

Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Device As the user begins to stand, a pair of brake arms instantly grab the tires to prevent the chair from rolling back and away. The greater the rearward force exerted on the chair, the greater the holding power. Each unit includes an easy to install kit to compensate for the added weight of heavy seat cushions. Both models fit most full and hemi height chairs. Single or dual axle. Sling seat required.

Will not work on Quickie/Breezy wheelchairs.

Shown with optional integrated chair exit alarm

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Part No.


AL-60603 $169.00 AL-60604 $239.00 AL-60605 $169.00 AL-60606 $239.00 AL-71438 $139.00

Fits Chairs 16"-20"

Fits Chairs 16"-20" w/integrated Alarm

Fits Chairs 22"-24"

Fits Chairs 22"-24" w/integrated Alarm

Fits Invacare EX2 Only

Retrofit your existing Anti-Rollback device by purchasing the kits below. For example, purchase an AL-64614 to change from a 22"-24" model to a 16"-20" model. 16"-20" Retrofit Kit AL-64614 $29.00 22"-24" Retrofit Kit AL-64615 $29.00

Economy Anti-Rollback Braking System Provides anti-rollback automatically, regardless of weight Not affected by pressure relief or gel cushions which can defeat weight activated brakes Rearward movement requires constant pressure on brake levers Releasing pressure automatically engages anti-rollback function

Low Cost Solution To Wheelchair Slippage

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Part No.


Sold in Pairs Detachable Arms

AL-60607 $99.00 AL-60608 $99.00 AL-60609 $99.00 AL-60610 $99.00 AL-60611 $99.00

E&J, Tuffcare, Theradyne, Lumex, Hoyer E&J, Tuffcare, Theradyne, Lumex, Hoyer

Pr. Pr. Pr. Pr. Pr.

Fixed Arms

Flat Bar Mount

E&J, Theradyne

Fixed Arms

Invacare, Evermed, Medline Invacare, Evermed, Medline

Detachable Arms

Wheelchair Speed Restrictor Pair of resistance plates applies drag to the larger rear wheels Resistance is field adjustable



Memory-Matic Safety Brakeā„¢ The rider does not have to remember to put down the brake before exiting the chair When the person lifts him/herself off the chair, the cushion forces the air and the brakes automatically engage for a secure position The brake remains employed until the person sits back in the chair Helps prevent falls and injuries through an automatic braking system Specify model of chair AL-68567 Call


Closeup View of Safety Brakes

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