ALCO Catalog P12



Vinyl for durability and

Wheelchair Mobile Monitor

moisture protection, 15.75" x 13.5" x .25" AL-50732

Hanging bracket, strap and clip In-use indicator lamp Warble tone alarm w/volume control Specifications : Size: 3" x 4" x 2", Weight: 1 lb. Audible Alarm : Max 95dBa at 2 feet Power Supply : 9 volt lithium battery w/low battery alert


Vinyl for durability and

moisture protection, 15.75" x 13.5" x .25" AL-58202




180 Day Warranty

365 Day Warranty

ALCO FallAlert Monitor Loud 91 db alarm sounder Clip with adjustable string Magnet activates alarm from any angle Low battery light indicator 1/4" jack for call cords on plug only Standard 9V battery, included ALCO Fall Alert AL-53555 $32.95 ALCO Fall Alert Plus AL-53556 $39.95 (Can be connected to nurse call system with 1/4" jack) Replacement Cord and

ALCO Economical Wheelchair/Bed Alarm Self-contained clip or hook and loop fastener Adjustable 18" to 36" activation cord Convenient on/off switch

9 volt battery (not provided) Two settings: soft (85 dB) or Loud (100dB)



magnet assembly AL-53557 $9.95

Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm Cord Adjusts from 28" to 58" Requires two AAA batteries (included)

AL-65546 $27.00 Ea.

Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm

Replacement Magnetic Pull Cord 3/Pk AL-66243 $26.00 3/Pk Replacement Mounting Holster with Strap 24/Pk AL-66250 $19.95 2/Pk

AL-71428 $36.95 AL-71429 $49.95 AL-71430 $19.95 AL-71424 $22.95 AL-71425 $39.95 AL-71426 $17.95 AL-71427 $31.95 AL-71431 $28.95 AL-71432 $17.95 AL-71433 $7.95

Basic Monitor w/Cushion Protector Advanced Monitor w/Cushion Protector String Monitor w/Cushion Protector

Basic Monitor

Off/Lo/Hi Switch Strain Relief protects monitor and sensor pod from damage Advanced Monitor Same as above with 0-2 second alarm delay Optional AC adaptor Reset button Alarm controls located inside battery compartment to comply with JCAJU standards String Monitor

45 Day Bed Pad 1 Year Bed Pad 45 Day Chair Pad 1 Year Chair Pad

Magnetic Assembly 5 Pack

AC Adaptor Bed Bracket

Indestructible Stainless clip Hinged battery compartment

Chair/Bed Pads Universal—works with most brands of fall monitors

Oversized to reduce false alarms 1 year pads now moisture resistant

String Monitor w/Cushion Protector





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