ALCO Catalog P12

Surgical Table Accessories


Replacement Lithotomy Leg Holder Straps Fits all lithotomy leg holders 1" wide cotton strap Sold in pairs

Altima® Leg Positioners Proven performer for procedures requiring lithotomy positioning Unique clamping allows maximum flexibility Sold with 1 pair of pads and 1 set of restraint straps Requires Clark Socket or Clamp for mounting. See Page 364

AL-62893 $39.00

AL-62890 $1269.00

Disposable Foam Legholder Boot Pads Egg crate foam

Replacement Heel Cups Premium quality

Made with supersoft vinyl with nylon webbing straps Fits all lithotomy leg holders Sold in pairs

Designed for single use Sold 10 pairs per case

AL-62891 $59.00

AL-62894 $129.00

For replacement legholder boot straps see page 206

Pro-Tek® Memory Foam Leg Holder Boot Pads Pressure management pads

Patient Transfer Roller Boards Allows effortless patient transfer from any two combinations of the following: hospital bed, gurney, operating room table, X-ray table, exam table and cast table Includes cover AL-67865 $179.00 30"L Replacement Cover AL-67866 $49.00 67" Long Roller Board AL-67867 $279.00 67"L Replacement Cover AL-67868 $99.00 Bariatric Roller Board 20" to 31" Length AL-69749 $549.00 30" Long Roller Board

Memory foam covered with soft black 3-way stretch vinyl

Fits Altima® and Allen® style leg holder systems Sold in pairs Also available in clamshell style

AL-62892 $249.00

Roller Board


Replacement Legholder Pad

Memory foam pad covered with 3-way stretch Fusion for comfort Yellowfin™ boot - clamshell style

Well Knee Support Pad

Conductive Vinyl over foam



AL-62895 $239.00

Pressure Sensitive Velcro® 2" wide; black Adhesive backed Hook and Loop Combo 5 ft. roll AL-2243-5 $19.00 10 ft. roll AL-2243-10 $29.00 15 ft. roll AL-2243-15 $39.00 30 ft. roll AL-2243-30 $69.00 50 ft. roll AL-2243-50 $99.00 75 ft. roll AL-2243-75 $149.00

Revolving Stool Cushion Covers have elastic skirt permitting cushion to be securely fastened to stool top; Filler is Pro Resilient™ Foam and is 1" thick. Choice of Green, Brown or Black (specify color).

AL-58235 $69.00 AL-58236 $79.00 AL-58237 $79.00 AL-58238 $89.00 AL-58239 $99.00

12" Diameter 13" Diameter 14" Diameter 15" Diameter 16" Diameter


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