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Reusable Gel Pads & Positioners


Head Donut AL-62864

Flat Bottom Chest Roll

3-Piece Table Set

Gel Pads & Positioners Polymer Gel Pressure Management Simulates fatty tissue composition Radiotranslucent and antibacterial 100% Latex Free and Fluid proof Reduces sheer and protects against decubitus ulcers

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Full Length Table Pad—20" x 72" 3/4 Full Table Pad—20" x 46" 3-Piece Gel Set for Surgical Table

Table/Hip Pad—20" x 20"

Armboard Pad—Small 6" x 15" Armboard Pad—Large 6" x 24"

Toboggan/Arm Shield Pad—11" x 17"

Adult Head Donut—8" Dia Pediatric Head Donut—6" Dia Horseshoe Head Donut—8" Head Pillow w/Centering Dish



Universal Stirrup Pad

Full Length Surgical Table Pad

Anesthesia Prone Headrest w/Tube Channels

Knee Crutch Pad—Small 9" x 11" Knee Crutch Pad—Medium 11 x 17" Knee Crutch Pad—Large 22" x 20" Universal Stirrup Pad—2-piece Candy Cane Stirrup Pad—2-piece Flat Bottom Chest Roll—12" x 4" Flat Bottom Chest Roll—16" x 4" Flat Bottom Chest Roll—12" x 6" Flat Bottom Chest Roll—16" x 6" Flat Bottom Chest Roll—20" x 6" Flat Bottom Chest Roll—6" x 2"

DRY FLOATATION® O.R. Pad by ROHO (Not Shown) For use on operating room tables to promote tissue viability during extended operating procedures Air cells are 2.5"H Drainage holes prevent pooling from caustic solution AL-69281 $1539.00

Patient Positioners

2 Styles: Donut or Roll Vinyl covered foam Conductive; latex free

Head Support Helps disperse pressure around cranium. Cutout floats ear when in the lateral position, or occiput when in supine position. Standard Density AL-56610 $99.00 Case Economy Density AL-56609 $99.00 Case (case of 12 each)


Medium head donut (7"OD x 3"ID x 1-1/2"T) AL-63001 Large head donut (9"OD x 4"ID x 2"T) AL-63002 Surgery Roll (6" X 10") AL-63003 Surgery Roll (6" X 20") AL-63004

$59.00 Ea

$69.00 Ea

$89.00 Ea

Geo-Matt 45° Body Wedge Both 45º and 90º angles available for patient support. Standard wedge is a full 24 inches long to support the entire length of the torso.

$119.00 Ea

O.R. Armboard Pads Comfortably supports entire arm during surgery when used on O.R. table armboards.

AL-56606 $51.00 Case (case of 12 pairs) Standard AL-56608 $189.00 Case (case of 6 each) Economy AL-56607 $59.00 Case (case of 2 each) Phone 800-323-4282 • 630-655-1900 E-mail: FAX 800-950-1167 • 630-655-1990 Website:


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