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OR Products—Stainless Steel

Stainless 4-Hook I.V. Stand Quick and easy footpedal height adjustment Four or five leg base All stainless steel Heavy, tip-resistant, all welded design 2" swivel casters for easy mobility 68" to 108" height adjustment Easy to clean surfaces



Four Hook, Five Leg Base Two Hook, Five Leg Base Four Hook, Four Leg Base Two Hook, Four Leg Base

AL-56584A $489.00 AL-56584B $469.00 AL-56584C $439.00

Stainless Steel I.V. Stand Hand operated friction lock eight adjustment 68" to 108" Height Adjustment 2" Swivel Caster for Easy Mobility

AL-69453 AL-69454 AL-69455 AL-69456

$369.00 $399.00 $429.00 $459.00

Two Hook I.V. Stand w/Four Legs Four Hook I.V Stand w/Four Legs Two Hook I.V Stand w/Five Legs Four Hook I.V Stand w/Five Legs



Stainless Basin Stands

Elevated ring basin bracket Open frame design allows access from all sides 2" Diameter double-ball bearing swivel casters Mobile and easy to clean


AL-69464 AL-69466 AL-56586 AL-56587

$369.00 $529.00 $399.00 $599.00

Single Basin Stand, Stainless Steel Double Basin Stand, Stainless Steel Single Basin Stand w/Lower Shelf Double Basin Stand w/Lower Shelf




Kick Bucket Stands Removable 8-1/2 quart or 12-quart stainless steel basin Balanced tip-resistant Electro-polished, stainless steel frame

Perimeter bumper to protect walls 2" Swivel casters for easy mobility

AL-56588 AL-69468

$239.00 $329.00

8-1/2 Quart Kick Bucket

Sponge Receptacle



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