MRI Transport

Non-Magnetic Wheelchairs

Field conditions that define the specified MR environment include field strength, spatial gradient, dB/dt, radio frequency, and specific absorption rate. Additional conditions, including specific configurations of the item, may be required.







AL-62502BG $1979.00 AL-78306BG $1989.00 AL-62503BG $2519.00 AL-70676BG $2709.00 AL-78277BG $3269.00

AL-62502G $2109.00 AL-78306G $2109.00 AL-62503G $2649.00 AL-70676G $2829.00 AL-78277G $3266.00

18" Flip-Back Arm, Footrest, 250 lb capacity 20" Removable Arm, Footrest, 250 lb capacity 22" Removable Arm, Footrest, 350 lb capacity 24" Removable Arm, Footrest, 350 lb capacity 24" Removable Arm, Footrest, 550 lb capacity 26" Wheelchair 650 lb capacity, Black Upholstery 26" Wheelchair 850 lb capacity, Black Upholstery

AL-77668-650* AL-77668-850*

$3295.00 $3495.00

*Black Upholstery only

Non-Ferromagnetic Wheelchairs

Non-Ferromagnetic Equipment is essential for your MRI Environment when MRI Detection Entry Systems are in place. Non-Ferrous metals are used in each of our Non- Magnetic products. Non-Ferromagnetic metals are metals that have under a certain amount of iron. These products will pass through all MRI Detection Entry Systems.

20" Flip-Back Arms, Footrest, 300 lb Capacity, Burgundy 22" Flip-Back Arms, Footrest, 300 lb Capacity, Burgundy 24" Flip-Back Arms, Footrest 500 lb Capacity, Burgundy

AL-81730-20 $2119.00

AL-81730-22 $2699.00

AL-81730-24 $3479.00

Non-Magnetic Transport Chairs



18" Transport Chair

AL-70363BG $1579.00

20" Transport Chair, Burgundy 20" Transport Chair, Green

AL-70363G AL-63551 AL-63553

$1699.00 $1589.00 $1799.00

20" Transfer Chair—PVC, Internal Seat Width 24" Transfer Chair—PVC, Internal Seat Width

Molded Synthetic

This molded synthetic mobility aid is built to be safe in the magnetic fields surrounding magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment. It is uniquely styled and clearly marked to avoid confusion with non-MRI safe chairs. Assembled from durable lightweight plastic and stainless steel components, it minimizes the ferromagnetic materials in the MRI room. It is approved as MRI Conditional at 3 Tesla from the Magnetic Resonance Safety Testing Services (MRSTS). Non-Magnetic synthetic plastics and stainless steel components Ergonomically designed full control push handles Removable, two-position armrests standard Optional air-supported back FormFold™ solid, contoured seat Flip-up, adjustable footrests linked for added support and stability Folds to 13.5” wide with wheels Frame Color options include Black, Blue, Red and Yellow Bearings are machined out of hard nylon Specifications: Weight: 33 Lbs. Materials: Glass reinforced structural components, 18-8 stainless steel hinge pins, bolts and nuts, aluminum brakes, caster forks and milled acetron bearings Folded Width: 13.5” Seat Width: 16-18” Seat Length: 17-18” Warranty: 5 years Easy to clean Available Frame Colors

Also Great For Behavioral Health Environments


300 lb. Capacity

Black Blue Red Yellow




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