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Aarco Rite Wall®

Figure 1 Anodized Aluminum Trim for Magnetic Glass Rite Wall ®

Figure 3 “Spline” Joints for Rite Wall ®

The Rite Wall® is designed to transition markerboard panels seamlessly from floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall. Crafted with a magnetic porcelain writing surface and low-profile frame, Rite Wall is best applied in open plan offices, collaborative spaces, or classrooms. A sleek and modern design for any environment!

AARCO Rite Wall ®

List Price $1,025.00 $1,922.65 $3,017.45 $4,112.26

AAR-RW8448 AAR-RW8496

84”Hx48”W 84”Hx96”W

1panel 2panels

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AAR-RW84144 84”Hx144”W 3panels AAR-RW84192 84”Hx192”W 4panels

Overboard Easy-Fit Panels

Aarco Products’ Overboard Panels are designed to easily install new porcelain surfaces over existing writing surfaces, saving you time and money. No need to remove the original writing surface, thus eliminating labor costs associated with removal.

How to Install:

Measure from top of existing chalk tray, to top of existing surface (this is your actual height of overboard) Measure from end-to-end of existing surface (this is your actual width of overboard) **All Overboards are custom made to exact dimensions.

YOUR PRICE on AARCO is 15% off list price shown

AAR-OVB48120 AAR-OVB4896 AAR-OVB48144 AAR-OVB48192 Overboard Easy-Fit Panels AAR-OVB4872

$942.81 $1,489.61 $593.20 $752.24 $1,060.97 List Price

48” x 120” 48” x 96” 48” x 144” 48” x 192” 48” x 72”


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