2023 Office Furniture Catalog_Your Price

Refer to page 20 for available hutch sizes and pricing

Field Installable Lock Kit for Laminate Hutch Doors PRM-PLCABLOCK List Price: $54.00 YOUR PRICE: $32.00

Open Stack-On Hutch

Open Stack-On Hutch w/ 1 LD door kit

Open Stack-On Hutch w/ 2 SGD door kits

Open Stack-On Hutch w/ 2 PL44SSGD door kits and PL44RAIL

PL44SSGD w/ PL08RAIL (LIMITED) Slide Glass Door Kit and Rails

Open Wall-Mounted Hutch w/ 1 LD door kit

PRM-PL125 Hutch w/ Laminate Doors

(Shown above) 1 each PRM-PL250OH Open Hutch (pair) 1 each PRM-PL25071SH Shelf Kit (pair) (PL250 hutch available in 71” only) 1 each PRM-PL250LD Laminate Door Kit (pair) 1 each PRM-PL250SGD Glass Door Kit (pair) - Not Shown


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