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All items on this page are available by SPECIAL ORDER Call for details. With the Monarch Series, you can create a one-of-a-kind writing surface that’s as unique as your personality. Simply select from one of the popular templates available below. The magnetized writing surface will resist fading, cracking, and wear—all while helping you get creative.

S01-Hockey Rink

S02-Basketball Court

C02-Monthly Calendar

G01-Scheduling Board

G03-Vehicle Service Board

C01-Weekly Calendar

G02-1”x4” Grid

G04-1”x1” Grid

M01-US Map

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Silver Model # EDSS1824() EDSS2436() EDSS3648() EDSS4872() EDSS4896()

Black Model # EDSB1824() EDSB2436() EDSB3648() EDSB4872() EDSB4896()

List Price $128.58 $253.50 $508.22 $1,004.18 $1,377.69

Size 18”x24” 24”x36” 36”x48” 48”x72” 48”x96”

H01-Medical Board

Specify template at the end of the model number Example: EDSS4872M01



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