2023 Office Furniture Catalog_Standard

Healthcare Essentials

A desk-mounted, clear acrylic panel system that can be retrofitted to most laminate workstations. Ideal for creating partitions between colleagues, and the reception station. BORDERS ACRYLIC SHIELD

• Revised Borders panels • Made of clear acrylic • Available as a 20”H panel • Widths match current panels • Works with 24”H Borders posts, to leave approx. 4” pass through at the bottom Features & Materials

Desk Shell PRM-PL102 (1) / Return Shell PRM-PL145 (1) / Hanging Pedestal PRM-PL107 (2) / 24” Posts PRM-PBP24 (6) / Acrylic Shield PRM-PB2SIL V2030ACRCLR (2) / PRM-PB2SILV2066ACRCLR (1) / PRM-PB2SIL V2048ACRCLR (1) / Post Mount Plate PRM-PBPPLATE (4) / Post Clamp (pair) PRM-PBPOFFCLAMPPR (1) List Price: $6,800.00

$390.00 $466.00 $560.00 $875.00 $958.00 List Price $1,233.00 $1,357.00 $1,482.00

Clear Acrylic Panels - Silver Frame Only PRM-PB2SILV2024ACRCLR 24”w x 20”h PRM-PB2SILV2030ACRCLR 30”w x 20”h PRM-PB2SILV2036ACRCLR 36”w x 20”h PRM-PB2SILV2042ACRCLR 42”w x 20”h PRM-PB2SILV2048ACRCLR 48”w x 20”h PRM-PB2SILV2060ACRCLR 60”w x 20”h PRM-PB2SILV2066ACRCLR 66”w x 20”h PRM-PB2SILV2071ACRCLR 71”w x 20”h Posts - Silver Only (2 Posts Required Per Span) PRM-PBP24-SI 24”h

Borders Offset Post Clamp (pair) PRM-PBPOFFCLAMPPR List Price: $65.00 Mounts to the bottom of a borders post, then clamps on to the overhang of a desktop. EVA Foam added to the bottom of the bracket to avoid scratching desktop.

Borders Post Mount Plate PRM-PBPPLATE List Price: $28.00 Mounts to the bottom of a borders post, then sits on the desk top. Has double sided tape to adhere to the desktop. No drilling required.


Opening in reception desk is designed primarily for wheelchair accessibility

* TER-3MM1-676/190 Reception Desk B/B/F 30” x 84” x 42”h List Price: $4,977.00

See pages 44 & 45 for color options



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