2022 SMO H22S



33 R Nesting Stocking Cart • Space saving cart.

VersaCart • Designed for easy nesting, saving valuable space. • Built with steel oval tubing and gusset plates for extra durability. • Ergonomically designed. • Moves easily, reduces congestion! • Custom logos available on cart handles and baskets.

This versatile nesting stocking cart can carry up to 750 lbs. Top trays retract allowing space for bulky items. Nests in only 7.9" - saving space when not in use. Includes rear brakes. Measures: 39.8"L x 20"W. x 40.4"H. FOB Shipping Point. H107-33R1 Wt. 60 (lbs.) Price Ea. $416.63


EZtote7250 • Space saving 10" nesting. Nesting platform shopping or stocking cart with convenient back basket carries both small and large or bulky items with ease. Narrower footprint allows for superior maneuverability in tight spaces or crowded aisles. Weight capacity of up to 600 lbs. Measures: 47.5"L x 22.8"W. x 41.3"H. FOB Shipping Point. H109-725 Wt. 63 (lbs.) Price Ea. $365.17

Optional FDA compliant ABS shelf covers with lip. H806-33R1 Black Optional Shelf Cover Set Wt. 3 (lbs.) Price Ea. $130.67

33 R - Multiple Configurations for maximum utility.

EZtote450 • Ideal for carrying large totes. • Nests in only 6.5". Increases productivity through efficient unpacking. Rear hook holds most


plastic trash cans for easy trash removal. Bars support large boxed or bagged items - no sharp edges to damage bags. Supports loads up to 800 lbs. Rolls on 5" non-marking wheels. Rear wheel brake stops cart from rolling. Available in Metallic Gray finish. Measures: 31.8"L x 23.4"W. x 41.3"H. Ships UPS. FOB Shipping Point. H101-450 Wt. 51 (lbs.) Price Ea. $291.01 H900-201 Rear basket Wt. 8 (lbs.) Price Ea. $49.13 U-Boat • Carries up to 2500 lbs. Pivotable center wheels for easy maneuverability. Available with optional top shelf for added capacity and optional organizer to increase convenience and productivity when stocking H109-190-1 Wt. 103 (lbs.) Price Ea. $252.00 H109-190-2 Optional Shelf Wt. 20 (lbs.) Price Ea. $87.01 H109-190-3 Optional Organizer Wt. 2.5 (lbs.) Price Ea. $65.33 Measures: 63.4"L x 16"W. x 60"H. Ships UPS. FOB Shipping Point.

EZtote7150 • Includes rear brakes.

This multi-purpose cart can be used for shopping or stocking. Split side-handle design accommodates longer, oversized items. Easily carries up to 800 lbs. Nests in only 10"-- saving space when not in use. Measures: 48.4"L x 29.5"W. x 41.3"H. FOB Shipping Point. H109-715 Wt. 95 (lbs.) Price Ea. $437.95

EZtote450 Shown with Optional Rear Basket Totes Not Included

EZtote875 • Carries heavy loads, up to 1200 lbs. • Top shelf is designed to retract to allow more space for larger items. This rugged lawn & garden and feed store cart is made for rough terrain with heavy-duty 8" rear and 6" front wheels. Top shelf accommodates full flats and retracts to allow for large or bulky items. Weight capacity of up to 1200 lbs. Nests in only 10". Available in Dark Gray/Black or Green/Black - please specify. Measures: 47.9"L x 29.5"W. x 41.3"H. FOB Shipping Point. H101-875 Wt. 95 (lbs.) Price Ea. $493.59 Pallet Jack Heavy duty pallet jack with up to 5000 lbs. weight capacity, ideal for moving bulk quantities at work or a jobsite or loading/unloading box trucks. Measures: 64"L x 27"W. x 48"H. FOB Shipping Point. H109-529 Wt. 185 (lbs.) Price Ea. $638.67

U-Boat Shown with Optional Shelf and Organizer


Lumber Cart • Easily carries plywood sheets, long boards and other heavy items. • Carries up to 1000 lbs. Features 5" & 6" wheels. Breaks down flat-reduces shipping costs. Measures: 51.3" L. x 30"W. x 44.4"H. Ships UPS. FOB Shipping Point. H109-200 Wt. 151 (lbs.) Price Ea. $558.67


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