2022 Office Furniture Catalog_Standard

List Price

List Price

List Price

Credenza w/ Corner Ext. PRM-PL181L or R 66”w x 24”/36”d PRM-PL182L or R

Desk Shell PRM-PL104 48”w x 24”d $449 PRM-PL121 48”w x 30”d $482 PRM-PL103 60”w x 30”d $490 PRM-PL102 66”w x 30”d $529 PRM-PL105 71”w x 30”d $657 PRM-PL101 71”w x 36”d $669


Laminate Silver Glass

Open Hutch PRM-PL141OH


60”w $726

71”w x 24”/36”d (Left Shown)

Optional Doors (2 Doors per set) PRM-PL41LD Laminate $73 PRM-PL41SGD Silver Glass $373 Open Hutch PRM-PL140OH 66”w $752 Optional Doors (2 Doors per set) PRM-PL40LD Laminate $75 PRM-PL40SGD Silver/Glass $373 Open Hutch PRM-PL144OH 71”w $770 Optional Doors (2 Doors per set) PRM-PL44LD Laminate $76 PRM-PL44SGD Silver/Glass $373 PRM-PL44SSGD Slide Glass $256 PRM-PL44RAIL Rail for above $150 W Open Wall-Mounted Hutch Storage Unit 17”h x 15”d PRM-PL208OH 36 1/2”w $509 PRM-PL2044OH 71”w $856 Optional Doors (2 Doors per set) (For use on PL208OH & PL2044OH) PRM-PL44LD Laminate $76 PRM-PL44SGD Silver Glass $373 PRM-PL44SSGD Slide Glass $256 PRM-PL08RAIL Rail for SSGD $129 (Rail for PL208OH) PRM-PL44RAIL Rail for SSGD $150 (Rail for PL2044OH) PRM-PL209OH 31”w $469 Optional Doors (2 Doors per set) PRM-PL41LD Laminate $73 PRM-PL41SGD Silver Glass $373 LED Task Light w/ Magnet & Dimmer PRM-PLEDDIMTL24MAG 24” $389 PRM-PLEDDIMTL36MAG 36” $471 Basic Task Light w/ 2 Mounting Clips PRM-PLEDBUDTL24 24” $334 PRM-PLEDBUDTL48 48” $503 PRM-PLEDBUDTLMAG $64 (Pair of magnets for above) W Lock for Laminate Doors Only PRM-PLCABLOCK $54 Fabric Tackboard PRM-PL116 (PRM-PL125) PRM-PL115 (PRM-PL141OH) PRM-PL117 (PRM-PL140OH) PRM-PL118 (PRM-PL144OH) $324 Fabric Options: Black, Desert, Grey Magnetic Glass Board - for 71” Hutch PRM-GBM1769 17” x 69” $445 See page 9 $271 $285 $299

Reception Desk Shell - 42” PRM-PL169NTT 71”w x 30”d $828 Transaction Top PRM-PL169TT 42”w x 24”d $179 Glass Transaction Top PRM-PL169TTGLASS/WHITE $708 Deluxe Transaction Top - White PRM-PL169DELTT-WH $735 Counter Top Risers PRM-PL169RISER 1”h $114 Reception Return-Reversible PRM-PL180 42”w x 24”d $516 Bridge PRM-PL188 30”w x 24”d $308 PRM-PL193 35”w x 24”d $311 PRM-PL197 42”w x 24”d $333 PRM-PL170 47”w x 24”d $372 Return-Reversible PRM-PL198 35”w x 20”d $341 PRM-PL146 42”w x 20”d $441 PRM-PL194 23”w x 24”d $311 PRM-PL179 30”w x 24”d $324 PRM-PL192 35”w x 24”d $341 PRM-PL196 42”w x 24”d $441 PRM-PL145 47”w x 24”d $453 (20”d return uses PL108 19”d ped) W

Bow Front Desk Shell PRM-PL189 71”w x 36”/41”d $856 PRM-PL187 66”w x 35 1/2”d $856

Corner Desk Shell - 24”d on side PRM-PL134 42”w x 42”d $703

Bow Front w/ Corner Ext. - Left Shown PRM-PL177L or R 71”w x 30”/36”/48”d $1,063 Straight Front w/ Corner Ext. PRM-PL178L or R 71”w x 30”/42”d $1,063

Bullet - Top and End Panel PRM-PL147 71”w x 36”d $523 PRM-PL131 66”w x 30”d $427 PL106/131/147 Post Leg $226

Q-Top - See page 9 PRM-PL106 71”w x 30”/36”d $535 PL106/131/147 Post Leg $226

Full Modesty Panel for PL147/PL106 PRM-PL4706FMP $265 (Use w/ PL133 Post Leg)

High Desk PRM-PLT3072


30” x 72” Top PRM-PLTMOD4172 Modesty Panel PRM-PLTEP4130



Bullet w/ Corner EXT. Top and Mod. PRM-PL133L or R 71”w x 30”/42”d $996 (Left Shown) PL133 Post Leg $226

41”h x 30”d End Panel (2 pc) (Not available in Mahogany) Grommet PRM-GROMMET-60MM Tops $28

Hutch w/ Doors - 15”d x 36”h PRM-PL125 Open Hutch - 14”d x 36”h PRM-PL153

Credenza Shell PRM-PL129 60”w x 24”d $495 PRM-PL111 66”w x 24”d $509 PRM-PL143 71”w x 24”d $537

47”w $828

36”w $550

Open Hutch PRM-PL250OH Shelf Kit PRM-PL25071SH Optional Doors PRM-PL250LD



Vertical Hutch Organizer PRM-PL122 12”w x 12.25”d x 18.5”h

Credenza Half Gable Leg PRM-PL142 12 1/2”d x 28”h $94


Laminate $434 PRM-PL250SGD Sil./Glass Dr. $666


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