2015 Whitney Catalog

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“P” length

Keyseat Style 1⁄2” x 2” Long Shank Standard





Solid Pilot

T-Slot Style 10° RH and LH Staggered Teeth Standard Weldon Flat Standard


Included Angle


Dovetail Style Weldon Flat Standard




Interchangeable Pilot

Sketch Your Cutter Here, then email to Whitney Tool for a Prompt Quote!

Provide us with the special features and dimensions and Whitney will quote standard specification on all other features. Email us at quotes@whitneytool.com

Cutter No. Cutter Material: o High Speed Steel

o Cobalt/M42

o Solid Carbide o TiN Coated o TiCN Coated No. of Teeth Straight Teeth Helix Angle Cutting Rotation

o Carbide Tipped o TiALN Coated

o Other

Shank & Drive Type Special Instructions


Price Each




P Diameter

P Length

NOTE: Whitney Tool can add radii to all types of cutters. Specify a radius on your sketch and we will provide a price and delivery.

Overall Length

We accept and


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