2015 Whitney Catalog

Whitney Handi-Burr™ Tools

Handi-Burr™ tools are recommended for hand held or medium production deburring operations. The tool deburrs automatically — front and back side or back side only — in a single pass. • A sturdy tool with only a few parts, the Handi-Burr™ is a rugged reliable tool • Can be used in either a fixed spindle machine or a portable power hand tool • The amount of de-burring and chamfer can be controlled by adjusting the setscrew in the shank • Selected settings are based on the hardness of the material and the speed and feed used

Typical Operation



Removing or Replacing Blades

Blade Type DA (double action)- for deburring both sides of holes. BA (back action)- for back of hole only. Tungsten Carbide blades available for sizes 1/8 through #110.

For blade replacement or sharpening, simply remove blade by sufficiently loosening the setscrew in the shank end. The blade has an open-end slot design. Slip open end of slot over pivot pin and adjust setscrew to desired depth of cut. Do not compress spring to its solid condition. The blade will not retract without spring cushion.

DA Double Cutting

BA Back Cutting

DA blade supplied as standard. If BA blade is desired, please specify when ordering.



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